How to use balance board and medicine ball fitness

Balance boards and medicine balls are items commonly used in personal trainer classes in fitness centers. The interaction, exercise effects, and fun are all very good. And these movements are very simple and easy. They can also be conveniently at home. carry out! Come and learn!


Balance board squat transformation goals: leg, buttocks, and waist use: legs standing on the balance board, tighten the waist and hips, keep the body balanced, slowly vomit knees down knees (keep the upper body upright Abdomen), knee joints can not exceed the toes, squat to the thigh parallel to the ground, after the suction to restore. In the process, always keep the body stable, do not fall from the board. Beginners can reduce difficulty and squat down to their own controllable angle.
Training effect: increase the body's dynamic balance and improve the integration of muscles and nerves. Obviously increase the body's control; At the same time, it can well modify the leg hip line


Balance board single leg lower point

Reconstruction goal: the same as the first action, is the first action of advanced action, more difficult than the first one.
How to use: When standing on a board with one foot and keeping your body stable, you should squat slowly and your knee joint must not exceed your toe.
Training effect: play a further role in balance, control, and core strength.


Balance board leg lift exercises

Reconstruction goals: hips, thighs, and waist and abdomen. How to use: Stand on a balance board with one leg, tighten the waist and abdomen, keep the body stable, tighten the buttocks to lift the other leg, and then slowly restore and continue for the next time. .

Training effect: help hip stovepipe, improve body waist and core strength.


Balance Plate Medicine Ball Stretching Exercises Rebuild goals: total body control and physical stability.
How to use: Hold the medicine ball, stand on the balance board on one foot, keep the body stable, tighten the waist and abdomen, buttock muscles, and slowly stretch the body.
Training effect: Strengthen the core strength, body dynamic stability, and improve body lines.