Packaging structure design is the basis of packaging design

Packaging design includes structural design, modeling design and decorating design. The structural design mainly solves the problems of scientificity and technology, embodies the containment, protection and convenience; the design is the use of aesthetic rules (point, line, surface, body and other forms of elements of the law) on the three-dimensional packaging The artistic design of the appearance mainly solves the problems of artistry and psychology, reflecting display and display. The two are complementary but independent.

Packaging structure design is the basis of packaging design. Different structural designs have a direct impact on the appearance of the packaging. Each innovative structure design also requires an innovative shape to match.

The same structural design can be used with different designs, but it is not possible to change the structural design based on the design. The sculptural expression techniques are flexible and can promote moderate structural adjustments. In particular, the shaped cosmetic bottle and shaped condiment bottle in the packaging product may be various shapes of polyhedrons, elliptic cylinders, combinations of various rotating bodies, and other art shapes other than ordinary round bottles.

These containers have different appearances and are rapidly updated. In design, they must pay more attention to the innovation of structure and styling. At the same time, it should take into account the complex structure, poor force, bottle wall thickness, special mold design and manufacturing, low production efficiency, unsuitable for automated production, and high production and transportation costs.

Traditional packaging CAD three-dimensional model can not provide sufficient space and convenience for this kind of design and processing. RP technology has obvious advantages in this respect with its distinctive features. Now we use RP technology for the model of innovative packaging design and manufacturing. Explore as follows.

In the stage of new product development, designers use drawings or computer simulation to express and display the structure and shape of packaged products. This is not intuitive, and it is not conducive to making correct judgments and modifications, which hinders timely access to market feedback information. .

If RP technology and equipment are used, the molding machine does not need a lot of installation cost and profound manufacturing process knowledge. It can quickly and inexpensively provide 3D solid model and sample in the design room for designers to directly measure and accept the user's direct Evaluation, at the same time can quickly make repeated changes in the structural model, the cost is not high.

Even if the design meets the expected structure, shape, and function requirements, the new product design cycle and the market evaluation cycle are greatly shortened, so that the product can be quickly and easily put into production and occupy the market in advance. According to statistics, 43% of rapid prototyping products are used to confirm the design.