Digh Quality Permanent Makeup Machine Pofessional Digital Eyebrow Tattoo Gun

Model NO.: JL512B-X2
Color: 4 Colors
Application: Makeup Eyebrow Operation
Name: Tattoo Gun
Application Parts: Lips/Brows/Eyeliner
Function: Eyebrow Tattoo Digital Pen
Weight: 210g
Shipping: DHL
Trademark: JiLong
Transport Package: Box
Specification: JL512B
Origin: China (Guangzhou)
Setting Information
Voltage 100-240V AC
Power DC7V
Speed 22000-35000RMP
Material Stainless Steel
 Color 4 colors
Needle T6  Catridge Needle
Advantage Low Noise,Low Vibration
Application Parts  For 3D Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Lip, permanent makeup
OEM/ODM Less order 10 quantity Machines

Fits Needles/Cap

 * 1 Prong Round
 * 3 Prong Round
 * 5 Prong Round
 * 3 Prong Flat
 * 5 Prong Flat
 * 7 Prong Flat

Areas of application

- eyebrows
- eyelid line
- lip
- medical pigmentation
- tattoos
- Free Style.
- Lasers

Digh Quality Permanent Makeup Machine Pofessional Digital Eyebrow Tattoo Gun


1. Speed : The rotation speed of the machine is powerful, each minute 22000-35000 rpm and up to tattoo operational requirements. The use of the machine speed and strength can be adjusted by the tattooist Division free, operation can be arbitrarily control.

2. Super endurance : Use the world's most advanced SSP super power intelligent brushless motor, strong endurance is ordinary decoration machine 3 - 5 times. Suggest machine work 30 minutes 2 minutes after the break to continue operation, this method can improve the service life of the machine.

3. The stability of the super : Special lock pin design, make the clip more firmly, no balance, fly needle phenomenon. In ensuring the customer safety, slender eyebrows can lines amounted to less than the general decoration machine.

4. Safety : Automatic control of piercing the skin depth, avoid to penetrate the skin deep, so that beginners to operate more freely. When encountering resistance elastic device inside the machine can stop the rotation makes the machine, leaving the resistance surface can resume normal operation, the protection of core damage.

Digh Quality Permanent Makeup Machine Pofessional Digital Eyebrow Tattoo Gun


1 . Aseptic : disposable sterile auxiliary supplies have double protection function, Even if the machine Inverted start, while adding pigments are no reflow phenomenon.The operator does not touch the pigment and blood, so that consumers can avoid the cross infection.

2 . Super Bass : the noise is very low when the machine is working in, color fast, can be reduce customers' tension and sense of pain. Let tattooist division work more convenient, fast.

3 . Science and intelligentialize : Ergonomic design, the fuselage weight ratio, cabinet and delicate, easy to operate. Natural loss in the movement has set intelligent data, guarantee the service life of the machine.

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1.We are manufacture at Guangzhou and would offer your competitive price.

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Company Information

JiDragon is one of the leader in the field of Permanent Makeup in China.Since JiDragon was founded in 1999, at the very beginning we make body tattoo machine and ink, gradually we focus on permanent makeup and micropigmentation device. We know exactly the professional require from our products.

We purse for perfection. Our innovations have provided us with systems that are easy and convenient to use. Highest Quality make sure a long life of the product and unparalleled precision.

In the past decades, inspections from PMU Training Academy, spas and beauty salons have increased all over the world. Feel safe with JiDragon products. We are an GDFDA certificated company. We provide all required certifications and independent tests for the products.

Digh Quality Permanent Makeup Machine Pofessional Digital Eyebrow Tattoo Gun

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