Men's skin care should change with the seasons

Men thorough cleansing of the most important, the best choice for male cosmetic face cream for men, it's better cleaning effect, can effectively prevent the occurrence of acne.

Skin care products change with the seasons

Choose different skin care products according to the spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons. For example, the spring will become very sensitive skin, prone to dermatitis and other allergic skin reactions in the spring, you should choose hypoallergenic medical skin care products, skin sensitive people should pay attention.

In summer, the temperature is high, the sebaceous glands are exuberant, and the pores are dilated. The selected product should not be too greasy, and the oil and fat-soluble ingredients should be less to avoid acne.

In autumn, the climate is relatively dry, skin care products must emphasize its moisturizing function, and choose a product with wrinkle removal function.

In winter, the temperature is low, the pores are occluded, and the sebaceous glands are less secreted. It is necessary to use cosmetic products with more animal and vegetable oils and fats to help the nutrient absorption.

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