The color decoration and beautification of the box

[China Packaging Network News] The important role of color in people's social life, production labor, and daily life clothing, food, housing and transportation is obvious. Of course, the color decoration and beautification are even more so for the packaging box.

Modern scientific research shows that more than 90% of information that a normal person receives from the outside world is input by the visual organ to the brain. All visual images from the outside world, such as the shape, space, position, and boundary of the object, are different. It is reflected by the color difference and the light and shade relationship, and the visual first impression is often the feeling of color.

The interest in color has led to people's sense of color aesthetics, and has become a prerequisite for people to learn to color decorate and beautify their lives. Therefore, in the design of the gift box, the decoration and beautification of color occupy a large role.