Make negative oxygen ions the best tonic for the body

While urban life brings convenience, comfort, and material abundance, but also because of the fast-paced, stressful, and environmental deterioration, a group of sub-healthy people are created, and they are often one of them. In pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, many urbanites have chosen to migrate to a beautiful city back garden and use negative ions to get the body's best nourishment.

Sub-healthy people are around

The child is a planner for an advertising agency in the urban area. He is very passionate about his work and he often wrestles with his ideas and ideas. However, with the increase in the number of years of work, he suffered a migraine headache, his head hurt, and he couldn’t concentrate on his work. Even his appetite decreased. The doctor told him that he had no major problems with his body. The main reason was the pressure of work and his nervousness. The lack of fresh oxygen caused by the office closing the windows and air conditioning is also the cause of migraine headaches.

Mr. Yang is the company’s gold collar who is admired by many people. He travels on a private car every day and escalates up and downstairs to take a seat in the chair for hours. What bothers him is because he is too busy with work and dinner and his body is worse than before. “When I was young, I was a long-distance runner. I can't breathe on occasion to climb a staircase.” Mr. Yang looked a bit anxious. He has caught a cold twice this year, and he can’t retreat without bottle symptoms. "I usually consciously exercise at home. Running on a treadmill and doing something for sit-ups only feels extra fatigue and has no effect."

Ms. Wang lived on the 9th floor, and at home she dared not open the window. She could only breathe at night. "My husband and I are very busy working. The windows are airy during the day and there is a layer of ash in our homes. Health can not be achieved. Now that the outside air quality is not good, my husband is a little seasonal asthma. Whenever the winter weather is dry, Have to wear a mask to go out.”

Negative oxygen ions in the air of vitamins

As a health doctor, Dr. Chen will receive many sub-healthy patients every day. Many people will consult him on how to maintain health because of deteriorating physical condition. In giving their suggestions, Dr. Chen repeatedly mentioned a noun: "negative oxygen ions."

Negative oxygen ions are known as air vitamins, can improve myocardial function, promote metabolism, improve sleep, enhance the body's resistance to disease, while allergic pollen fever, bronchial asthma, upper respiratory tract mucositis can play a role in remission or cure . For urban white-collar workers, the most significant role of negative oxygen ions is that it has a significant antihypertensive effect, which can stimulate people's spirit and improve work efficiency. However, the negative oxygen ions themselves are very fragile. In the clean air, its life span is a few minutes, while in dust, it is only a few seconds. Therefore, the content of negative oxygen ions in urban air is usually very low.

“In short, negative oxygen ions are a kind of invisible and intangible natural tonic. When we breathe in the air to take in negative oxygen ions, the most critical factor is the quality of the air, and the negative air quality. Oxygen ion content." Dr. Chen explained that many people blindly carry out drug supplements and food supplements, which will cause many side effects. In cities with severe air pollution, fitness activities may also cause damage to the body. The best way to do this is to go to aerobic activities such as jogging, walking and walking in forests rich in negative oxygen ions, lakes, and rivers. In this process, ingesting large amounts of negative oxygen ions is very effective in improving the sub-health state.