[Bicycle Class]: Precautions and Little Experiences for Long Distance Riding

During the journey, I saw a lot of things that damaged the high-end parts. Therefore, I have to pay attention to the quality of the high-quality parts and the second performance. Because many high-end accessories are designed for racing cars, they are very light, but their strength may not be suitable for long-distance travel. Therefore, the more expensive the accessories, the better. There are few domestic cars designed specifically for long-distance travel. After the car is bought, it is necessary to make improvements or add accessories, such as adding a bottle cage, adding horns on the handlebars, horns, strengthening the luggage rack, and so on.

It is best to try to ride the car for a while before you set off, so you can understand the performance of the entire car, you can also know where the car is the most prone to problems, in order to make repairs in time to prepare for the journey.

Here are the necessary equipment and precautions for riding long-distance travel.

Basic skills: tire repair, brake system adjustment, transmission system adjustment.

Advanced skills: steel ring adjustment, chain disconnected.

It is advisable to have a vehicle maintenance expert in your fellow travel companions. It's best for you to learn the basic skills as well. Because there may be many things happening on the journey, such as people pulling far away and helping each other out.

Necessary tools: screwdriver, vise, wrench, hexagonal combination, tire repair tool, air pump, spare inner tube, combined with tools as much as possible, can reduce the weight. Then bring some screws and nuts, brake lines, shift lines to spare, several different thickness of wire will often help. The chain is generally not a problem, but if the journey is very long or with a chain cutter more insurance.

Equipment: Packages specifically designed for bicycles, from baggage bags, front bags, frame kits, seat bags. These do not necessarily have to, but using them can bring a lot of convenience. Other related equipment include finger-fingered gloves, helmets, cycling suits, water bladders, and stopwatches. These gears are available as needed. Which is still the most practical bag and bag.

Travel Notes:

Many accidents that may occur on the road, such as punctured tires and heavy rainstorms, are unlikely to catch up with changes. Therefore, we must have a certain understanding of the road conditions and accommodation conditions so that we can timely revise the plan. If you do not have detailed maps and philosophical information, you can always ask along the way. It is necessary to ask more questions and make more comparisons because the drivers and locals often say that they are not allowed.

Little experience:

When riding, the mouth contains some plum, orange peel and other small foods can ease the fatigue of the journey.

If you want to enter the no-man's area, you can buy some brown sugar and soak in water to supplement your energy.

The most prone to failure of bicycles is the looseness of the luggage rack screws, the tying of the tires, the tying of the ropes into the tires, and the inaccurate shifts.

Confronted with the problem of consignment of the vehicle, the vehicle station is calculated as a piece of 25 kilograms. It is not worthwhile. It can be packaged in cartons and counted according to actual weight. Can also be taken directly to the train if the baggage is not overweight.

To dry areas such as Xinjiang, Qinghai, and Tibet, with a small lip balm can effectively prevent chapped lips.

Be sure to bring a pair of lightweight sandals and touch the river. It's not uncommon for the hotel to have no slippers.

Bring a small amount of candles and point in the tent to save a lot of flashlight batteries.

Bring a small bottle of motor oil to an old toothbrush to keep the chain and gears lubricated to both protect the bike and make riding easier.

Prepare a pair of labor-line gloves that can be seen everywhere, keep warm and cool, trim vehicles, and use fire to cook.

In the unlikely event of a hurry at night, the car lights on the opposite side will be blinking so that you can't see the road. It's dangerous. A hat with a hat can help you effectively.

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