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Soy: Beauty label, custom made

The United States has long rumored that "do not eat beans, how can it be considered a fashion beauty?" The isoflavones in soybeans are plant sex hormones, and the cosmetic effect has long been recognized. It is simply an anti-aging recipe tailored for mature women.

Soy isoflavones found in soy are similar to female hormones and can help fight aging. Madonna also regards legume protein as the main supply of daily protein, and the example of a mature woman is in front, showing the temptation of soybean.

Give tofu to the skin

Taiwan beauty teacher Niu Er has a very good DIY tofu mask : crush the tofu with a spoon, add green tea powder, barley powder, mung bean powder or even olive oil according to your needs, and then apply it on your face, wash it off after 15 minutes. .

Suggested recipe: egg yolk tofu

raw material:

4 small pieces of tofu (each 400 meters square) dried mushrooms 1 eggplant 1 piece white radish puree 20 grams of flour 100 grams


1. Dry shiitake mushrooms soaked in hot water. The long eggplant starts to change the cross knife flower and the bell pepper cross cut halfway.

2, the mushrooms, tofu, eggplant sticky flour in a hot oil of 150 degrees Celsius for 3 minutes from the pot.

3, into the bowl, topped with seasonings and radish puree.

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