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First, evaluation equipment overview
1, equipment brand: Meile Merrell
1, equipment model: REFUGE PRO GTX (BRINDLE)
2. Style: Male models R450935 43#
3, the main features:
AEGIS® Antibacterial Technology
ORTHOLITE® Antimicrobial Technology Insole Double Density EVA Midsole; AIR-CUSHION® cushioning air cushion for cushioning and stabilizing the heel
VIBRAM® Professional Rubber Outsole
GORE TEX® inside, waterproof, breathable

Second, evaluation information
1, Green Field ID: Python
2, the test time: October 1, 2010 - October 9, 2010
3. Test Location: Nanling Mountain, Hebei Province
4. Pavement condition: earthy pavement, gravel pavement, gravel pavement

Third, the evaluation content:
1, beautiful appearance
2, comfort
3, breathability
4, slip resistance
5, waterproof

Fourth, the evaluation
1. Appearance: The style of the shoes is simple, generous, stable, and sturdy. The black and light brown are low-key and restrained. They can be worn not only when outdoors, but also on casual wear. The whole pair of shoes is very delicate in the workmanship, from the material of the upper to the splicing process and even to the detailed part of the seam and the adhesion is very fine. The use of hard leather and anti-kick rubber on the toe ensures that the kick-proof protection of the shoe can be done well. Wide round toe, wide shoes fit my wide feet.

2, comfort: In order to prevent the shoes in the high-strength outdoor sports to wear feet, I will generally wear the new shoes in everyday wear. During the week-long routine use, the comfort of the shoes was very good. There was no local compression and compression, and the package was good. The overall design of the shoes was satisfactory. During the exercise, lighter weight makes shoes look lighter. Comfortable, light weight, shock-absorbing and fashionable, is my first impression of shoes. The inner seams are very delicate and the inner lining is very soft, ensuring the comfort of the shoes. Thicker design on the toe and heel to provide effective protection for the most vulnerable front toe areas, reducing the possibility of injury, and better deal with external friction and scraping. Thick V-bottoms, comfortable insole, don't feel as tight as your feet after wearing it. The design of the AIR-CUSHION® cushioning air cushion on the heel makes it easy to walk on mountain paths and gravel roads. The hard bottom greatly reduces the friction of the raised stones against the soles of the feet. A good shock absorption design can absorb most of the vibrations so that you don't have to walk away. This allows you to have more energy to admire the surrounding scenery.

3, breathability: This shoe's tongue is soft and thick, put on the back with the foot, feels soft and comfortable, effectively prevent the sand and gravel into the shoes. What is even more valuable is that after long-distance walking, there is no sultry feeling, indicating that the breathability is very good.

4. Slip resistance: It performs well on dry stones. The anti-slip property of the sole provides the friction needed to climb on a sloping stone surface, but there is still a feeling of sliding on wet stones. However, for hard bottoms, this is normal, as long as you do not step on smooth, damp stones, other basics can walk with confidence.

5, water resistance: in the rain when the uppers are wet, but the shoes are still dry, due to worry about the short time in the rain can not be soaked shoes, after the rain stopped and did not deliberately bypass the otters, after 20 Many minutes walk in the water (the deepest place has 3cm), sat more than an hour in the car, and returned to the home shoes are still dry, which fully proves that these shoes have good waterproof performance.

Fifth, the evaluation summary Although the preliminary evaluation is somewhat simple, but the most important thing is to give me another real feeling, professional performance lies in the excellent performance and design of the rationality and scientific nature, this section of the shoes are every detail It surprises me. In general, this pair of shoes has excellent performance, waterproof and breathable properties, comfort is very satisfied with me, and has a high cost performance, suitable for outings, hiking, hiking and other activities.

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