Linnei water heater enjoy series high efficiency zero waiting

Today we take a look at the Linne water heater instant series products. This water heater not only has a powerful heat conversion system, but also makes your bathing experience smooth and worry-free. In addition, this forest water heater has a stylish appearance. Come together Let's see.

Linnei enjoy series water heater

Today, the status of the kitchen and bathroom is comparable to that of the living room and bedroom. The choice of kitchen and bathroom appliances has made everyone dizzy. Various kinds of small advertisements and various unreliable recommendations have caused great misleading to consumers, and many home appliances The product is also exaggerated.

No matter how good the advertisement is, performance is the last word. Take water heater products, consumers tend to be more optimistic about gas water heaters when buying water heaters. The water storage capacity of electric water heaters is a big problem. No one wants to take a bath and wash to half. The cold water flows out. The continuous heating effect of gas water heaters makes users feel more intimate.

The advantages of gas water heaters are high thermal efficiency, fast heating speed, stable temperature regulation, and continuous use by multiple people. From the advantages, we can also see that the core competitiveness of gas water heaters is heating speed, thermal efficiency and its stability. Today, the author brings you such a gas water heater product-Linnai Instant series water heater RUS-R16E65ARF, this product is equipped with an advanced combustion system, which can quickly achieve constant temperature enjoyment, and intelligent circulation preheating function can bring to users Zero waiting time, hot water is ready to use, convenient and comfortable. Let me take you to experience it up close.

Fashion looks goodbye to the old-time experience

Linnei enjoy series water heater RUS-R16E65ARF uses a simple silver-white appearance design, stylish atmosphere, take you farewell to the appearance experience of the old era. The user does not need to create a locker specifically for it, even if it is exposed to the outside, there will be no visual violation.

Linnei enjoy series water heater RUS-R16E65ARF adopts the design of the remote control panel of the large LCD screen, the display content is clear and clear, and it is also convenient for the elderly to use.

Design of remote control panel for large LCD screen

As can be seen from the display panel and operation panel of this product, the performance of this water heater is more comprehensive than the previous water heater products, and the reservation function, multi-point control, child lock function, clock function and so on are all available.

Display panel and operation panel

Linnei enjoy series water heater RUS-R16E65ARF is also equipped with a multi-point remote control design, up to 3 remote controllers can be connected to use, 1 main remote controller + 2 sub-remote controllers (the sub-remote controller can choose wireless control or wire control), remote control The priority control right can be freely switched between the devices, and the operation is convenient and simple.

Linnei enjoys a series of water heaters RUS-R16E65ARF with a stylish appearance, breaking the convention and bringing users a new era experience. Starting with the appearance, we have a preliminary understanding of this product and a preliminary grasp of the general performance. Below, we will introduce the performance of this product in detail. How is it? We will wait and see.

Hot water is on and there is no waiting

The most taboo in daily use of water heaters is that it takes a long time to release hot water, which not only wastes time but also wastes water resources. How to completely solve the phenomenon of long-time waiting before use and sudden cold and hot during use? Linnai enjoy series water heater RUS-R16E65ARF gives the most professional answer.

Linnai enjoys series water heater RUS-R16E65ARF with built-in circulation preheating function, providing intelligent 24-hour appointment mode, suitable for office workers and other fixed-time use of hot water. According to the law of life time, only the hot water period can be set to cycle and heat preservation. 24 hours of the day can be reserved at any time, which is more flexible, comfortable and energy-saving.

In addition, it also provides a one-key manual mode, which is suitable for hot water use, one-click to open the insulation function, when the temperature of the pipeline is detected to be lower than the set insulation temperature, the machine automatically controls the water to be heated to the set The temperature guarantees the hot water supply at any time.

In terms of water temperature adjustment, this product can freely set the hot water temperature, from 35, 37-48, 50, 55, 60 ℃ divided into 16 levels to set the outlet temperature, the choice is wider, more suitable for daily life and users' water consumption habit.

Advanced combustion system guarantees instant enjoyment

Only advanced technology can guarantee a good life enjoyment. The Linnai Instant Water Heater RUS-R16E65ARF adopts an advanced constant temperature system, micro-flame technology and humanized design of water stop temperature rise of 3 degrees. Below, I will explain in detail the superior performance of this product.

± 1 ℃ constant temperature technology

In terms of temperature control, Linnai Instant Water Heater RUS-R16E65ARF adopts an advanced constant temperature system, precise proportional valve and water servo to control gas and water volume, which can quickly achieve a constant water temperature and control the fluctuation range to ± 1 ℃, making bathing more comfortable.

Micro flame technology, the water temperature is not hot in summer

The minimum hot water production rate of a 16-liter water heater is 1.8 liters / min. Even for such high-power products as 20 liters and 24 liters, the forest can also achieve a minimum hot water production rate of 2 liters / min. Solve the problem of high basic water temperature and hot water in summer. Let you bathe comfortably.

Stop water temperature rise 3 degrees

When the hot water faucet is turned off for 1-5 minutes and then turned on again, there will usually be a period of hot water higher than the set temperature. The temperature difference between the high temperature hot water and the set temperature hot water is the temperature rise of the stop water. The national standard water temperature rise is ≤18 degrees, the water temperature rise in the forest can be as low as 3 degrees, to prevent the hidden danger of scalds.

Humanized design guarantees the best experience

For household appliances, humanized design is indispensable. The Linnai instant series water heater RUS-R16E65ARF is equipped with a variety of appointment modes for users, which is convenient and practical.

For office workers, the Linnian series of water heaters are equipped with reservation mode 1, the water heater will be cyclically heated from 6 to 8 in the morning and 18 to 24 at off work time, and users can turn on and use immediately after getting up and off work.

Evaluation summary

After reading this article, do you have a certain understanding of this forest gas water heater? In daily life, we often use hot water from time to time. The demand for hot water in summer is relatively low, but it will be very bad in winter. Before we use it, we usually need to release water for a long time to reach the required temperature, which takes time and water. This product will solve this problem, so that you can use water smoothly and worry-free, and ultimately whether to buy it, everyone still has to decide according to the actual situation.

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