Autumn and winter furniture

Core Tip: In addition to paying attention to maintaining your own skin during the autumn and winter seasons, the furniture at home needs to be carefully maintained. Clever use of the items in your home can achieve your goals.

Recently, the weather in Zhuangli has already had the feeling of winter. Many people put on down jackets and began to pay attention to maintaining their skin in dry and cold weather. In fact, in addition to our skin, the wooden furniture at home also needs proper maintenance to safely "winter".

Autumn and winter furniture

However, the maintenance of furniture should also be well-controlled, not too frequent, otherwise it will damage the furniture. According to experts, under normal circumstances, wooden furniture needs to be waxed once a quarter. Especially in autumn and winter, waxing once every 3 months can make the furniture look more lustrous, and the surface is not easy to vacuum, and it is easier to clean.

In the daily care of furniture, you can also use some small tips, which can also make the furniture look shiny and extend the service life. For example, wiping the table, chair, TV cabinet, etc. with a rag that has expired milk, the grease of the milk will make the furniture look shiny. But remember, after the milk has penetrated for a while, it must be wiped again with water, otherwise there will be milk odor in the milk.

If the furniture has scratches and dents, how can it be repaired? A simpler method is to use a cotton ball or a brush to apply a similar color of shoe polish to the surface of the furniture. When the shoe polish is dry, it will be found to blend with the color of the furniture. In addition, to remove the water stain on the surface of the furniture, you can first apply it with toothpaste or salad oil, then wipe the furniture clean and then wax, so that the water stain can be removed.

The price of wooden furniture is not low, but it does not require a lot of maintenance. Using small items in your life, you can make them "beautiful" through the cold winter.

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