The importance of intensifying the investigation of tableware disinfection

Intensify the investigation of tableware disinfection of troops, and prepare to prepare disinfection management methods suitable for our department from the perspective of operability based on relevant national health regulations and systems. In addition, it should be combined with the actual disinfection work of the troops to develop practical disinfection facilities, equipment and methods suitable for disinfection of the basic meal (kitchen). As proposed by the Military Epidemic Prevention Center/by changing the depth of the steamed rice in the rice cooker, the method used for cooking (kitchen) disinfection not only solves the problem of insufficient disinfection equipment, small disinfection equipment, and large-volume kitchen utensils cannot be disinfected. It has saved energy and has a great promotion prospect after trial use.

Strict implementation of meal (kitchen) disinfection work standard disinfection work can achieve the purpose, the most fundamental indicator is whether the disinfected meal (kitchen) meets the national and military meal (kitchen) disinfection effect evaluation standards and requirements. The specific implementation of the various indicators requires the joint efforts of the five parties to achieve responsible at all levels and at all levels.

First, there is a need for strong support from leaders at all levels; second, health supervisors clarify their duties and tasks, and strictly enforce the law; third, strict supervision and implementation by catering service managers; fourth, disinfectors strictly implement disinfection procedures and are responsible; Fifth, the majority of officers and men actively cooperated and participated extensively. In actual work, we also pay attention to the technical supervision role of the epidemic prevention personnel at all levels. We organize irregular epidemic prevention personnel to conduct meal inspection (cooking) disinfection, and timely report the results of sampling inspection to promote the implementation of disinfection standards for meals (kitchen).

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