Personality creative hooks to save crowded space

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Home storage alone depends on the storage cabinets and wardrobes can not meet the young people now, they are keen on the pleasure of shopping, the old items of the house are not abandoned, and constantly add new items, whether should consider new The storage method is designed to match the characteristics of young people who are modern and love to change clothes, and can design different styles and functions in the living room, bedroom and foyer.

Animal shape hook: label the home with nature

Home storage

The design is inspired by the shape of the antlers, pure white hanger hooks, showing different general tastes and styles. Different shapes and corners to meet your various clothing needs. Incorporating the most common animal elements of nature into the concept of home storage, it gives the home a smart and vital energy.

Paint-like hook: humanized storage

DIY hook

Maybe you will think that this is the crazy behavior of the wall artist, because its shape is too much like the paint that is being poured on the water! This paint-shaped drop-down hook can meet your various object storage needs, you It can be determined according to the length or size of different pendants, which height of the "water droplets" are hung.

Bedroom Furniture

The bedroom is the most intimate space in a home. It's typically the one place in the house that you don't have to share with anyone else unless you have a significant other. For this reason, tailoring the room into something that brings on a sense of peace, comfort, and happiness should be the goal of every person. When it comes to designing these spaces, it's all about having the right pieces in the room, more specifically, the right bedroom furniture.

Our bedroom furniture bedroom furnitureranges from wardrobe and chest of drawer to bedside table and dressing table.Come to us,we will build a perfect bedroom for you.

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