What is activated carbon? Why do you want to put activated carbon at home?

Activated carbon is a very good adsorbent. It uses charcoal, bamboo charcoal, various shells and high-quality coal as raw materials to crush, sieving, catalyst activation, rinsing, drying and screening of raw materials through physical and chemical methods. It is manufactured by a series of processes. It has the dual characteristics of physical adsorption and chemical adsorption, and can selectively adsorb various substances in the gas phase and liquid phase to achieve the purposes of decolorization and refining, disinfection and deodorization, and decontamination and purification. The inspection standard can be in accordance with the Chinese national standard GB or in accordance with other national standards.

Activated carbon can be used as decoration pollution control products, decoration deodorization products, and removal of formaldehyde products, deodorant boxes, deodorant bags and other civilian products.

Activated carbon

How to use activated carbon

How to use activated carbon for decoration:

1. When installing, a small packet of activated carbon per square meter can regulate the living room air, absorb harmful ammonia such as ammonia, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (voc), benzene, toluene, etc., and can adjust the humidity of the living room space;

2. Put a small bag in the fish tank to remove chlorine, disinfect and purify the water;

3, the preservation of ancient paintings and calligraphy is most afraid of mold and insect bites, placing a small pack of activated carbon in the cabinet can make precious ancient paintings and calligraphy ancient books always maintain their true colors, safe and sound;

4, a small package of activated carbon in the family medicine box can effectively preserve the drug; the toilet, the kitchen, a few packets of activated carbon, the smell, odor will disappear.

5, when paving the floor wood, can be long wooden floor life, anti-corrosion, moisture, deodorant, mildew, sterilization.

6, can effectively remove the pungent smell of the car, improve the air quality inside the car.

7. Place activated carbon on office buildings, hotels, air-conditioned rooms, entertainment venues, new furniture and other places to deodorize, disinfect and purify the air.

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The role of activated carbon

At home decoration, the main functions of activated carbon are:

1. Activated carbon is an internationally recognized drug addict, activated carbon masks, and gas masks using activated carbon. This product uses the physical action of activated carbon to deodorize and detoxify; without any chemical additives, it has no effect on the human body.

2. Drug treatment such as spray is easy to cause secondary pollution, and may damage the furniture. Activated carbon is physically adsorbed, safe, harmless to the human body, and has anti-mold and anti-corrosion effects on the home.

3. Some products promote one-time removal (experts question, untrustworthy), and the release of poison gas in the home is a slow process, so it was removed today, and it tasted in a few days, and the price is not low. The effective adsorption period of activated carbon is just 3-6 months.

4. Breathable packaging, easy to use, low price of activated carbon, can be used repeatedly under the scorching sun, easy to preserve, no deterioration under 5-10 years under sealed conditions.

5. Multi-purpose use: the aquarium water purification, the preservation of ancient paintings and calligraphy is most afraid of mold and insect bites, the refrigerator, the bathroom, the car can achieve the purpose of disinfection and deodorization. Activated carbon is a powerful assistant for human anti-virus, detoxification, decolorization and deodorization.

The usual use of activated carbon:

1, air purification; 2, sewage treatment site exhaust adsorption; 3, beverage water treatment; 4, power plant water pretreatment; 5, wastewater treatment pretreatment; 6, biological sewage treatment; 7, toxic wastewater treatment; 8, petrochemical Alkali-free desulfurization; 9, solvent recovery; 10, chemical catalyst carrier; 11, canister; 12, gold extraction; 13, chemical storage and purification; 14, sugar, alcohol, MSG medicine, food refining, Decolorization; 15, ethylene desalinated packing; 16, automobile exhaust gas purification; 17, PTA oxidation unit purification gas.

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