Japan's department store industry green packaging new plan

In order to meet the increasing demands of the government and society for environmental protection, the Japan Department Stores Association established a special committee to study new packaging methods and developed two sets of packaging solutions for the department stores. The first set of packaging standards stipulates that the packaging must be able to correctly display the value of the product and provide proper protection to the product during shipping. The second set includes a variety of novel packaging and wrapping methods. Its main content is:

1. Packing. In order to ensure that the product does not become damaged, broken or broken, the packaging must be waterproof, moisture-proof, dry-proof and shockproof; packaging materials and containers must not endanger human safety. In addition, the use of packaging materials that are difficult to dispose after disposal should be minimized; the volume of the packaging containers should be as small as possible. The space within the containers should not exceed 20% of the product volume; the packaging cost should not exceed 15% of the product selling price; and the packaging should be displayed correctly. The value of the product to avoid misleading consumers.

2. Parcels. Advocates use the simplest package, or even do not package it at all; even when the product is shipped, the simplest package method should be used. Japanese department stores generally use a double wrapping method: they wrap the gifts with floral paper, and then wrap them in white paper to make it easier for gift givers to write their names. To avoid waste, it is advisable to replace the white wrapper with a greeting card, or to wrap the gift only once; try not to dispose of the parcel material that is difficult to handle after disposal.

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