Talking about the Post Finishing Technology of Paper Products Continued

4. Hot stamping. This is the production method that has been used for nearly half a century. Hot stamping temperature, pressure, hot stamping speed control determines the quality of hot stamping. After hot stamping usually requires: graphics and text does not change color, no white, no fade, and so on. Although hot stamping is lower in efficiency than wheel transfer printing, it has the advantage that printing and screen printing are not comparable to small pieces of printed materials. In particular, hot stamping on the job (photos) cannot be replaced by other methods.

5. Polishing. Paper products should be selected according to the use of coating oil (paint slurry). In 2003, Wuhan Jinlong Cigarette Factory imported two high-speed labeling machines (two times the traditional, almost increasing the temperature by nearly 50 degrees). When traditional alcohol-soluble cigarettes and coating oils are used, the results are due to speed or The influence of temperature caused the migration of ink on the trademark and the sticking of the varnish to fail to be properly labeled, and the authenticity rate was less than 70%. After the improvement of ink and coating oil, it was transferred to normal production. At the same time, the UV coating of the cigarette box should be left at the joints on both sides to prevent the glue from sticking out.

6. Security. Laser holograms are printed directly on paper, so-called security paper. Now generally used in securities (such as covering the scratch scratch ink) mostly. There are also technologies such as printing anti-counterfeiting technology and security line anti-counterfeiting for watermark paper carriers that use coins as substrates. There are also miniature letter security thread, fluorescent security thread, business card paper, pearl paper, laser iris paper, aluminum foil and gold foil paper, silver foil paper and reprocessed embossed paper, refraction paper, punch paper, and matting paper. Even in the papermaking process, red, blue fibers or colored flakes (blocks, powders) are incorporated into the pulp, or scattered on the surface before the paper is unmolded, fluorescent reflections are given under ultraviolet irradiation, and the like. Plano-convex printing and multi-process printing, special gloss printing, special matt printing, and laser holographic iris printing are collectively referred to as anti-counterfeit finishing technology for paper products.

7. Molding. Under proper pressure, the location of the indentation of the packaging paper product should be accurate, and the focus of its technology is the accuracy of the template.

There are also paper-based prints made with air-press calendering, matte, iced, etc., which are also popular with consumers.

Fourth, binding process design and preparation

1. Stapling is part of the finishing technology for paper products. Staples must be matched to the printing process, taking into account the number of papers, the number of prints, and the user's quality requirements (such as the size of the open book, the size of the size, the folding style, the cover, the back cover, the layout and decor design of the spine, the simple and the hardcover, and the production Whether the cycle, schedule, Nissan capacity, capacity quota, material preparation, sample book determination, book block page number, graphic lining, appearance, and price meet the technical requirements of the bookbinding design. At the same time, the size and binding format, as well as the sample books printed in the printing shop after the book is printed, are checked and bound, and submitted to the quality inspection department for approval.
2. Book (including cartons) bookbinding process design whether the Founder at the time of cutting, no cutting and uncut, with or without hinges, broken, faded, inserts, ridges are centered, smooth, the cover is included and the page number Whether or not to repeat or missing pages and pagers, whether the pages are wrinkled or damaged, whether the pulp mouth, folding pages are the same, whether there is jumper, order line, wireless binding or whether it has been cemented firmly...

3. The choice of binding process and materials is our choice for materials such as covers, links, and linings. First, we need to pay attention to materials (such as offset paper, coated paper, glossy paper, and cardboard) needed for books and magazines (including paper boxes). Laminated paper, paperboard, PVA coated paper, lacquer paper, etc.) Request or propose a fee selection plan from the printing unit. The first requirement of the binding process is often economical, practical, and convenient.

4. The binding of the paper product binding process (including imposition design, layout planning) and imposition design (including the arrangement of the pages, the number of pages, the size of the pages, and the folding of the printed sheets should be taken into account when considering the use of each central page. , but also take into account the relationship between the two sides of the paste and paste (such as cross-page, color graphics), as far as possible in the center, the use of paper with the same PH value and color to ensure the consistency of the printing ink color and decorative text ink The integrity of the film, otherwise it will directly affect the finishing technology of paper products (including boxes, boxes) and other finishing techniques.

V. Conclusion

Paper finishing technology in the final analysis: You are looking at the other side and the financial class by-pass. Because with the development of the times and the passage of time, the situation will undergo new changes, especially the amount of solvent volatilization and total solvent residues in the ink, varnish and adhesive systems after film formation in the process of paper product finishing and The problem of environmental pollution caused by the amount of waste slag, etc., all we have to do is to solve the many problems that have been forced by the advancement of technology. As soon as possible, China's paper product finishing technology is becoming more perfect and perfect as soon as possible. (Text / Liu Jiaju)

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