Harbin has developed a new generation of robotic palletizing production line

The automated packaging robot palletizing production line developed by Harbin Institute of Technology Borch Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. was certified by experts. This line is a typical electromechanical instrument integration high-tech product, which can be widely used in petrochemical, chemical, building materials, pharmaceuticals, ports, storage and other industries, to achieve the weighing, packaging, testing, yardage in the production of powdered and granular materials. The automation of all operations, such as åž›, can be done over 1,200 bags per hour. The line has overcome a series of technical problems, and the production process is accurate and rapid. The error of the electronic weighing machine does not exceed 0.1%. The operating system is a color touch screen human-machine interface and a Chinese-language menu with real-time online detection and fault code display. The line has been applied to some large-scale domestic petrochemical and chemical companies and has been well received by users.

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