ELITE DIM Micro Injection Molding Machine Launched at Yelly Asia Pacific Exhibition

ELITE & ETTLINGER join forces to fill the gap in China's micro injection molding machine.

ELITE DIM 10-ton micro injection molding machine is the first model launched by ELITE and ETTLINGER. DIM is direct injection molding. This model can inject micro-precision products to fill the gap in the micro injection molding machine in the Chinese market. The hydraulic and electronic control of the entire machine has a rapid response and guarantees excellent repeatability. With the modular design of the mold clamping part, it is easy to combine the models with larger variations. Depending on the screw used, a product with an injection volume of 0.06 to 25g can be produced.

The injection start time is low, the injection pressure loss is low, and the amount of oil and pressure required for injection are provided by a hydraulic energy storage system without any fluctuations. The hot runner nozzle is part of the injection system. The machine is equipped with the hot runner nozzle system, which greatly reduces the cost of the mold. The hydraulic cylinder that drives the closed needle is located outside the mold and can be conveniently maintained without disassembling the mold.

The computer touch screen input adopts the windows interface, which is easy to operate. The machine can also be connected to the main PC via the internal network, or transmitted to a farther location for analysis via a voice conditioner. The product extraction part is designed inside the machine and does not require manual extraction of the product, eliminating the cost of manipulating the robot.

Source: Beijing Zhongya Yatai Plastics Technology Co., Ltd.