Overview of UV aging test box and lamp

The working principle of the ultraviolet aging test box: the ultraviolet aging test box uses a fluorescent ultraviolet lamp as the light source. By simulating the ultraviolet radiation and condensation in natural sunlight, the material is subjected to an accelerated weather resistance test to obtain the material weather resistance results. It can simulate the natural climate Ultraviolet, rain, high temperature, high humidity, condensation, darkness and other environmental conditions, by reproducing these conditions, merge into a cycle, and let it automatically complete the number of cycles.

The UV aging test box is suitable for: textile, printing and dyeing, clothing, leather, shoe materials, plastics, electrical appliances, spraying, electroplating, coatings, inks, pigments, chemicals, printing, furniture, washing tables, building materials, photography and other fields of pigment management.

There are three kinds of lamps in the UV aging test box: UVB-313, UVA-340 and UVC-351, of which UVB-313 and UVA-340 are commonly used.

UVB-313 ultraviolet light tube:

UVB-313 is used for the most accelerated test (accelerated aging)

The UVB-313 lamps in the UV aging test chamber can quickly provide test results. They use short-wavelength UVs that are more intense than the UV light waves currently commonly found on the surface of the earth. Although these are much shorter than natural wavelengths, UV light But it can accelerate the test to the greatest extent.

UVA-340 ultraviolet lamp:

UVA-340 is the best choice for simulating sunlight ultraviolet rays (photoaging)

The UV aging test box with UVA-340 installed can simulate the sunlight spectrum of the critical short-wavelength range, that is, the spectrum with a wavelength range of 295 to 360nm. UVA-340 only produces a spectrum of UV wavelengths that can be found in sunlight.

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