Infusion bags need to strengthen quality control

With the rapid development of the flexible packaging industry, thin film materials have been widely used and developed in the large infusion industry due to their superior performance. Soft infusion bags are gradually replacing glass infusion bottles.

In the course of nearly 100 years of glass bottle infusion, although it has undergone several improvements, glass bottles have always been incapable of escaping the common defects of glass, such as brittleness, unfavorable transportation, poor sealability at the mouth, easy generation of chipping during puncture, and infusion. The formation of air loops increases secondary air pollution and other issues. In order to solve this problem, our country began researching the use of polymer plastics to manufacture infusion packaging as early as the 1980s. At the beginning, the larger amount used was the PVC flexible packaging infusion bag. This type of product has no shedding, light weight and strong impact resistance. And the rapid development. However, the PVC flexible packaging bag material contains polyvinyl chloride monomer, which is not conducive to human health, and due to the material thickness is not easy to process, its high oxygen, water vapor transmission, poor tensile strength and other issues have greatly limited it Infusion packaging applications.

In this case, polyolefin multi-layer co-extruded films are melt-extruded at the same time due to the use of a multilayer polyolefin material, which eliminates the instability and contamination caused by the adhesive and increases the heat sealing of the film material. , Resistance to drop, barrier properties to water vapor, oxygen, nitrogen, etc. At present, co-extruded membrane materials have become more and more important in the entire infusion packaging industry due to their unique advantages, and the quality control issues of their products have also become increasingly prominent. According to the relevant drug packaging material standards combined with the author's experience in the testing instrument industry for many years, a simple introduction to the quality inspection technology of infusion soft packaging products.

First, the permeability of the infusion bag membrane material, permeability testing

The research and control of air permeability and moisture permeability of infusion bag membranes are particularly important in the infusion flexible packaging industry, which directly affects the quality of the products. At present, the air permeability tester and moisture permeability tester developed by Jinan Languang Co., Ltd. incorporates the most advanced technology available today. Through powerful software functions, automatic error correction and inspection, and high-precision automatic test, the industry has satisfied the two items. Testing indicators for quality control needs. The two instruments use the world's top core test components to ensure the accuracy of the test, users do not need to invest as much as usual to purchase expensive instrument to complete the monitoring of the two indicators.

Second, the detection of friction coefficient of flexible packaging materials

Through the test of the friction coefficient of the packaging material, the opening properties of the infusion bag and the packaging machine's packaging speed can be controlled and adjusted. For membrane manufacturers, the dynamic and static friction coefficients of membrane materials can be controlled by testing the type and content of the opening agent and the slip agent in the resin. The MXD-01 friction coefficient meter provided by Jinan Languang Company for customers has a unique setting of the oscillation coefficient so as to be suitable for the intelligent data processing of different materials. The large-screen LCD shows the curve in real time and intuitively judges the uniformity of the surface coefficient of friction of the material. . At the same time, the company's FPT-F1 friction/peeling tester can also meet the needs of customers in the industry for testing the coefficient of friction at different temperatures, and has the dual test function of peeling and friction coefficient.

Third, the infusion bag membrane sealing heat sealing strength testing

The heat seal strength is an important performance index for the infusion bag film. In order to achieve the purpose of packaging, the seal must have a certain strength to be able to withstand the effects of the contents and the external pressure, to ensure no cracking and damage during the circulation process. For the detection of this indicator, two instruments are required for comprehensive testing. One instrument is used for heat-sealing and the other one is tested for heat-sealing strength.

Sealing tester, Jinan Languang to meet the needs of different levels of customers, to provide customers with three models of heat sealing, models were HST-H1, HST-H2, RTD-R1. All three instruments use centralized control of microcomputers to make the three parameters of the heat sealing temperature, time, and pressure accurate and reliable. The core components use imported components to ensure the long-term performance of the instrument.

PC type intelligent electronic tensile testing machine can perform the heat sealing performance test of the film material, and the equipment is automatically controlled by the computer to automatically judge the shutdown. The fixture can be automatically returned to the group statistical analysis test. LCD display menu interface, the user only needs to select the appropriate test items, the instrument can automatically complete such as tensile breaking force and elongation, heat seal strength, tear strength, peel strength, elastic modulus, modulus and other functions. Software analysis is powerful and can perform secondary analysis and overlay comparison of test results.

Fourth, the infusion bag packaging sealing test

Sealing performance is also an important indicator of packaging, and sealing performance also has a great impact on the quality of the product. Poor sealing is the main cause of leakage in the future. Sealing test Currently used in the industry is the seal tester of Jinan Languang. Using the vacuum principle, according to national standards, it is maintained under the corresponding pressure for a predetermined time, and the leakage during the test process is observed through the visual inspection method. . The quality of the infusion bag packaging is measured by the measurement of the sealability, and the rationality of the packaging process is determined.

Fifth, the thickness of the infusion bag film

The core factor of co-extruded film materials that can replace glass bottle packaging is that co-extruded film materials can achieve high barrier properties that are almost similar to glass bottle packages. In order to ensure the uniformity and stability of the barrier property of the film, strict quality control of the thickness of the film material is required. Initially, the industry used mainly micrometers or some point-contact thickness gauges for control, but this is far from meeting the thickness control requirements of the industry. According to GB6672 and the corresponding international and American standards, mechanical surface contact measurement must be used for testing. At present, the instrument manufacturer that can meet this requirement in China is Jinan Languang Co., Ltd. This CHY-C1 type thickness gage adopts the most advanced technological results in the field of world measurement to ensure a high resolution of 0.1um and fully meet customer's thickness. High-precision test requirements.

The above indicators for the detection of infusion bags and their membranes are crucial to the adjustment of production processes and improvement of product quality in actual production. Through the corresponding test equipment, to control and grasp a variety of reasonable technical parameters, can be used for production, control quality and cost savings.

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