New thermoform slide chain and outer zipper applicator

At the Worldwide Food Expo 2003 in McCormick Place, Chicago, from October 29 to November 1st, processors and packers were able to see Zip-Pak's re-sealable new technology.

Featured innovations include ZIP-PAK: SLIDER thermoform applications and a new overwrap zipper applicator for cheese packaging.

ZIP-PAK: SLIDER sliders make it easier for consumers to open and reseal thermoformed food packages, such as sliced ​​meat. The Zip-Pak AMI Equipment Division's new overwrap zipper applicator enables packagers to more economically improve equipment and upgrade webless zippers to flanged zippers.

Other demonstrations of ZIP-PAK: The new re-sealable technology also includes QUICK-ZIP SLIDER for low-density polyethylene applications, ZIP-PAK® RETORT® zipper for pressure-heated packaging, and horizontal ZIP-PAK: SLIDER. Polypropylene-Compatible zipper series.

Zip-Pak not only provides consumers with one-step storage One Step Storage, avoids the need for consumers to put the product in another container to keep it fresh; but also through its AMI equipment division, developed packaging machinery accessories, To assemble a zipper in line with the manufacture, filling, packaging or prefabricated bag equipment.

Zip-Pak is a Illinois machine tool company based in Manteno, IL Illinois Tool Works (ITW), a global leader in repeatable packaging technology.

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