19-07-2004 The ABC photo from the Italian team is not visible from the top of K2.

At present, the weather on both sides of the K2 is still not stable, and it is expected that teams will not be able to carry out large-scale activities before 21/7. However, the K2's better days of climbing are only about two weeks away (for example, the Tibetan team was repatriated from the base camp for 4/8). I believe there must be an attempt to storm the summit as long as circumstances permit.

19/7 Juanito Oiarzaba published a long article and commented on each of the 14 peak climbers who are determined to accomplish (accordingly). Of course, these include our team’s Tseringer Dorje, Bhattacharjee, Renach, Akeb, etc. people. But on this part of his two major mistakes: first, the Tibetan climbing team players in no Ake Bu, should be the Luo; second, he is still under the general statement of foreigner that the team did not hide Boarded Broad Peak (8047m). Regarding the latter, I have collected some ins and outs of the events of the year and hope that in the future there will be an opportunity to ask the parties concerned to clarify. However, Juanito Oiarzaba mentions in the article that the Tibetan team is also like the Chinese people's impression of outsiders, engrossed in climbing and confined to polite communication with others. All kinds of misunderstandings or the resulting ears.

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