Automatic forming back cover machine sold abroad

Jiangyin Nargil Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd. and Japan Nano Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. jointly developed the CF-01 automatic forming sealing machine. The machine completely solves the cumbersome procedures of manual unpacking, forming and sealing in the carton packaging process, and completes the packaging operation quickly, easily, reliably, and efficiently, and has become the preferred product for food, medicine, cosmetics and electronics packaging. In recent years, the aircraft has been exported to Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and Europe and other countries and regions. The back cover machine is suitable for a large range of cartons, suitable for assembly lines or used alone, and is easy to operate and is favored by users.

Single Desk refers to the angle between the backrest and the seat surface. The size of the Single Desk has an important influence on the degree of sitting and the loading of the spine and back muscles. It is generally believed that the seat's Single Desk can be selected within the range of 95° to 110°. Single Desk is suitable for about 100°, Single Desk is 101°~104°, and Single Desk is 105°~110°. The actual value measured by the Single Desk is 102.23°. The Single Desk is the reading seat and it is more in line with the standard. Therefore, the GBT size 104° is used for improvement.

Single Desk

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