U.S. Brewers Introduce New Lightweight Wine Packaging

A few days ago we reported on the popularity of PET bottles in Canada. The Más Wine Company in Sonoma County, USA, has invented a new lightweight package for wine. The package is an environmentally friendly, sealed, lightweight wine package. The MáS Wine Company's lightweight bottled wine packaging reduces energy consumption and waste and is more cost-effective than bottled wine in packaging, transportation and storage.

Más Vino wines are housed in this newly developed, lightweight outfit. Más Vino is a red wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon in Mendocino County and Sangiovese from Napa Valley. After use, the device can be used again, and the storage capacity is equivalent to 20 bottles of wine. The new lightweight package introduced by Más Wines enables restaurant personnel to dump wine more quickly and easily. The nitrogen chamber inside the device can keep its wine fresh for 60 days. This type of packaging, while increasing profits and improving quality control, also avoids the oxidation of wine and the contamination of oak plugs.

Reprinted from: China Wine Network

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