Canada's first new method of intravenous virus treatment of cancer

China Education Equipment Purchasing Network News: According to recent news from the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute in Canada has achieved a new breakthrough in the treatment of advanced tumors by intravenous virus therapy, creating a precedent for the use of viruses to treat cancer. The results of this study were published in the latest issue of Nature. A total of 23 cancer patients were studied in the study sample. They are all advanced cancer patients. The cancer cells have spread to the whole body. Research on new methods of virus treatment shows that the virus can directly affect the tumor through the blood instead of treating the patient's whole body.

The principal investigator of the method, Dr. John Bell, a senior scientist at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, said the method has been tested on animals in the past, but it has never been used on humans. The treatment of cancer by intravenous injection is an important way, because the injection of drugs through the blood vessels can target diffuse tumors throughout the body, not just directly to a specific site. Another important meaning is that this method can choose to import foreign genes to act on tumors, opening new doors for targeted cancer treatments. In the past, the common methods of treating cancer were chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The limitation of these two methods is that they not only kill cancer cells, but also damage normal cells, resulting in a decline in human immunity.

The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute used a virus that was once used as a smallpox vaccine, JX-594, which was divided into five doses and injected into the blood of patients with advanced cancer. Tumor biopsies were taken 10 days later. The results of the study showed that in the two groups with the highest dose, 90% of the patients replicated the virus in their tumors, while healthy normal tissues did not. This proves that the virus has a special effect on cancer tissues. Using it to track cancer tumors is particularly effective. In the next step, researchers will combine viral therapy with chemotherapy, use the virus to find cancer tissues, and then use chemotherapy drugs to directly act on cancer cells, enhancing the therapeutic effect of targeted drugs.

For this new breakthrough, Dr. Michael Baker, a professor at the University of Toronto School of Medicine, believes that the results of the study are very encouraging, but as a new technology, more tests are required, especially safety and accuracy. Experiments can be transformed into new cancer treatments.

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