"High temperature aging room" in the city

"High temperature aging room" in the city

The high-temperature aging room walks on the avenue of the Yangzhong factory area, there is no usual noise and dust, and the eyes are clean roads and lush green vegetation. It is inevitable that people are doubtful. Is this a mixing station? On-site inspection was conducted on the Zoomlion 2 × HZS180 environmentally friendly concrete mixing plant. The test results showed that the construction noise of the ordinary commercial mixing plant was 85 decibels, while the construction noise of this mixing plant was only 50 decibels, which is equivalent to the urban residential area. The amount of noise in decibels completely meets the standard requirements of low noise and environmental protection.

What is more valuable is that Zoomlion has provided this equipment with a humanized intelligent system. The high-temperature aging room can recover the waste water and waste materials of the mixer truck. It uses a sand separator and a slurry water recovery system. Sand, cement and other materials are separated and stored for recycling and cost saving. The main building silo and inclined belt of the mixing station are all sealed and sealed in a unified manner. The spray dust reduction system is used to completely control the dust inside the room to avoid dust leakage and pollution of the environment. From the appearance, the entire mixing station looks more like a modern office Floor, beautiful atmosphere.

The Zhonglian Heavy Industry 2 × HZS180 environmentally friendly concrete mixing plant that was put into production this time is a demonstration site in East China. The high temperature aging room can not help but marvel at the technology and manufacturing level of China for many customers. This equipment is rated as "high temperature in the city" Aging room ".

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