Description of the drop sequence of the drop test machine

Description of the drop sequence of the drop test machine

The drop test machine is mainly suitable for testing the product packaging and the damage caused by the fall. It is used to evaluate the impact strength of the parts when they are dropped during the handling process. The diamond, corner and surface of the packaging container can be tested. Thereby improving and perfect packaging design.

After a product is packaged, it may be dropped during the handling process, and the resulting impact will damage the product. Therefore, general manufacturers will perform drop tests on the packaged items on a drop test machine. The height of the drop is mainly determined by the weight of the product, but according to various standards, samples of the same weight may have different heights, so we must be clear about what standard to use before conducting the test. Here, I will probably say a little bit about the sequence of drops.

The general drop test is conducted with a total of ten drops on one corner, three sides, and six sides. Of course, there are other standards, and there are other regulations on the number of drops and the state of the drop.

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