The Canopy Spectrometer of the Institute of Remote Sensing arrives

The canopy spectrum measuring instrument purchased from our company by the Institute of Remote Sensing Application of the Chinese Academy of Sciences arrived on the date of installation and delivery.

The Institute of Remote Sensing Applications of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the Institute of Remote Sensing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences) was established in 1979 and is a national-level, open research institution of remote sensing science and comprehensive application technology in China. Under the leadership of the well-known statements in the field of remote sensing, Academician Peng, Research Fellow Yang Shiren, Academician Tong Qingxi, Academician Xu Guanhua, Researcher Guo Huadong, and Academician Li Xiaowen, the Institute of Remote Sensing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences successfully organized the three famous battles for remote sensing engineering in China-Tengchong Aviation Remote Sensing Test, Tianjin-Bo Environment Remote Sensing Test, Ertan Hydropower Development Remote Sensing Test; "Six-Five" to "Ninth Five-Year Plan" for four consecutive five-year plans to host the national remote sensing technology research project; established China's most complete high-altitude airborne remote sensing system ; Hosted China's first key remote sensing fund "Surface Bidirectional Reflection Characteristics", the first major remote sensing fund "Remote Sensing Information Transmission Mechanism", and the first remote sensing climbing project "Remote Sensing Quantitative Research on Surface Energy Exchange".

The Institute of Remote Sensing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is a supporting unit of the Research and Development Department of the National Remote Sensing Center. It currently has four national levels: the State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science, the National Aerospace Aerospace Remote Sensing Demonstration Center, the National Remote Sensing Application Engineering Technology Research Center, and the National Engineering Laboratory for Remote Sensing Satellite Applications. Scientific research institutions, with remote sensing radiation transmission, environmental remote sensing frontier, hyperspectral remote sensing, microwave remote sensing, remote sensing calibration and authenticity testing, remote sensing image processing, agriculture and ecological remote sensing, disaster reduction and emergency remote sensing monitoring, remote sensing spatial information system, digital earth It has 14 research laboratories including navigation and positioning, remote sensing of land and resources, environmental remote sensing application technology, non-renewable resource remote sensing, etc. It has built a scientific research support system such as a remote sensing satellite data receiving station, a remote sensing comprehensive test site, and a remote sensing data network center. The detection mechanism, hyperspectral remote sensing technology, infrared multi-angle remote sensing technology, microwave remote sensing application technology, remote sensing calibration and authenticity testing technology, aerospace remote sensing system demonstration, sensor network research technology and other aspects have formed advantages that have certain influence at home and abroad. Subject direction, Applied research focusing on the development of marine remote sensing, environmental sensing, remote sensing disaster, urban remote sensing and remote sensing polar direction and Quantitative Remote Sensing technology, integration of remote sensing systems integration technology.

The Institute of Remote Sensing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has jointly established the “National Environmental Protection Satellite Remote Sensing Key Laboratory” with the State Environmental Protection Administration, the “Public Health Spatial Information Technology Application Research Center” with the Military Medical College, and the Reservoir Management Department of the Office of the Three Gorges Construction Committee of the State Council / Chinese Academy of Sciences The Information and Environment Bureau has jointly established the “Three Gorges Project Ecological and Environmental Monitoring System Information Management Center”, established a “Remote Sensing and Archaeology Joint Laboratory” with the State Administration of Cultural Heritage / Ministry of Education, and established a “Remote Sensing Monitoring of Original Drug Plants” The "Centre" and other joint organizations will continue to develop cooperative relations with users in related industries, jointly promote the construction of China's remote sensing business system, and drive industrial structure adjustment and technological progress in related industries.

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