American high school students use 3D printing to help schools save tens of thousands of dollars

Although many people in the 3D printing industry view the education market as a strategic part of the desktop 3D printer market, the idea of ​​introducing 3D printers into the classroom environment is still a challenge for most teachers, school administrators and parents. Sexual. One of the most frequently asked questions is: “Can 3D printers really be used in schools? Are there any ready-made examples?”

Although 3D printing has really begun to have an impact on schools around the world, it is still far from being part of any national curriculum. Whether you walk into any ordinary school, the biggest possibility is that you will not encounter a 3D printer. However, this situation is changing. We can feel that there are interesting examples of 3D printers being used in schools every day, both domestically and abroad. More and more schools are trying to explore this field.

For a school in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, recently, they found that 3D printing is not only good for teaching, but also helps them save money.

One of the school's high school students, Tanner Hauger, who is working on engineering and manufacturing courses, was able to print out the various spare parts available for school in 3D, ultimately helping the school save more than $10,000. He is the school's heating system and fire safety system 3D printer accessories, and these component manufacturers are no longer produced.

The reason for this is that Charles Masterbray, who is in charge of the school, found the school's Ministry of Science and Education because the school's equipment was in urgent need of repair. The actual situation is that a small piece of a heating unit in the school has been broken, but the manufacturer of the part is not provided separately. To replace it, the whole component has to be replaced, and the entire component is priced at $250. Masterbray feels unfair because it is only a small piece.

At the same time, the fire safety door in the school district began to age and there was a problem, and this situation began to deteriorate as some parts could not be updated due to the discontinuation of the manufacturer. Now, in order to replace the security system on each door, the school needs to spend $1,000 for each door, and a total of 10 doors, all have to be replaced, because some of the small parts are no longer produced. This is undoubtedly an expense that will make the school hurt.

However, Tanner Hauger helped solve this problem. He first measured the original parts of the factory, and then created a 3D model in Autodesk Inventor based on the data, and printed it out using the school's 3D printer. These parts are almost the same as the original price. It is exactly the same and can be used.

“Our Science and Technology Ministry always gives students some real-life tasks to do during their school or after school.” Earl Wingrove, a teacher in the Department of Science and Education, said, “I also hope that the community can recognize that the school has been We attach great importance to the adoption of new technologies to improve the competitiveness of our students after graduation."

In the end, Hauger repaired three fire safety doors with only $6 of plastic material, instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars. At the same time, he spent only $1 on the material and repaired the heating unit, saving the school $250. Of course, more importantly, Hauger can learn how to apply 3D printing technology in practice, which will definitely help his future work.

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