[Evaluation list] MARMOT 15 new urban life leisure backpack Cam 15L

Congratulations to the following equipment: Cool and active users to obtain evaluative qualifications: @ Looking up at the sky http://zhuangbeiku.com/users/1216/ @婧萱儿http://zhuangbeiku.com/users/7667/

Looked up at the starry sky outdoor resume for five years in the open air, and there are outdoor activities every week. So far it has traveled nearly 200 times and issued more than one hundred job postings. It is mainly the South Taihang walking through the crossroads to explore and ride, like photography. More than 40,000 outdoor photos have been taken and uploaded. Participated in the “GORE-TEXTM Business School Outdoor Experience Camp” mountaineering training in 2015 and became an experience camp team member. Every trip is a hone, with the sweat behind the success of the crossing, is bitter, but more still can not express the joy. During the five-year outdoor activities, there was a pleasurable attitude of passing over the cliff and watching the cockscomb. There was a frustrating move of chasing the moon on the snowy night, and there was a freehand climb to climb the top of the Laoshan Mountain with even the peaks and straddle the fallen thin donkey back. The frightened and overwhelmed, there have been heavy affixed cliffs under the wisdom of the ladder and take the risk, of course, there are plans to make the Monkey did not leave the ladder to the small regret. 1. Open the patella knee joint - NS-H3 knee protection evaluation report http://zhuangbeiku.com/blogs/1502 2. NITEIZE Naiyi Sitan outlet set of mobile phone brackets from life for life http://zhuangbeiku. Com/blogs/1381 Little cool has something to say: Looking up at the stars and coming to the cool equipment has also been around for a while. No matter whether it is a square or an assessment activity, it is very active. Previously, he had obtained several evaluation opportunities in the equipment cool, the report was submitted in a timely manner, and the product details map was clearly taken. Looking forward to this wonderful evaluation of marmot backpack oh Jing Xuan children outdoors resume I Jing Xuan children, first contact time outdoors is the first Saturday after the beginning of autumn 2014, the exact date of your own interest to read last year's calendar. The Dagu Mountain was the one that took the walk, although the activity intensity was only 0.5 but it was just as happy as a dog. It was also from this time that I began to fall in love with the outdoors. This year I grew up with the outdoors, and now I have completely changed from a soft sister to a female man. This year I walked through the desert (Kubu Qi) desert, also visited the beautiful prairie (Bashang, Wulanbutong), and galloped across the grassland (in fact, riding with the help of the horses) , In the Yellow River into the sea, Bay First Bay near old cattle experience the mother of the Yellow River as the mother of the gentle and quiet. In the yellow birch forest of Huangcaoliang, I saw only the beauty of a fairytale world here, and I had eaten the best instant noodles for cooking. The legendary icefall was seen on Yanyu Mountain in winter. Oh, for the trip that almost forgot the saddest reminder, Emma scared me. Of course, when you admire the beauty of the scenery, you have to lose these beautiful scenery. Oh, I have to write travel notes, oh, like the little friends please click on the bottom of the link, badly written, small friends to see Just look, huh, jokes. Xiaokuo has something to say: The nephew is a cool newcomer and has not been in the outdoor zone for a long time. However, the great enthusiasm of the nephew's cool equipment has also infected Xiaoku and you have installed sir. His own outdoor life is also a lot of friends in equipment cool. This time is the first evaluation qualification for deaf children in equipment cool, come on! Xiaoku is optimistic about you.

Don't be discouraged by donkeys who don't get the opportunity to evaluate. After the equipment cool, more evaluation activities will be launched! Please ALICE continue to pay attention!

Ongoing assessment application: [Free evaluation] Fire Maple 15 years new meteorite split gas stove to adapt to a variety of environments http://zhuangbeiku.com/review/products/88/

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