Inner corners for packaging steel coils

Patent Type: Utility Model Inventor: Zhang Mingde Applicant: Zhang Mingde Principal Applicant Address: 117000 Benxi City Economic Development Zone, Benxi City, Guangdong Jufeng Development Co., Ltd. Application No.: 200420150438.X Application Date: 2004.08.31 Auditing Announcement Number: 2792986 Auditing Announcement Date: 2006.07.05 Main classification number: B65D59/00(2006.01)I Classification number: B65D59/00(2006.01)I Category classification number: Instruction CD-ROM: D0627-2 Abstract: The utility model relates to an inner protection angle used for packaging steel coils. The ring of the inner protection angle is provided with at least one auxiliary rib protruding from the plane of the ring. The added ribs on the inner corners can greatly increase the rigidity of the inner corners. Therefore, the use of this kind of inner corners can reduce the overlap rate between the cylindrical face guard and the end face guard, and almost no increase in the inner corners. the cost of. Sovereignty items: 1. An inner corner for wrapping steel coils, the inner corner having a cylindrical ring of the same or similar shape as the inner diameter of the steel coil and extending radially outwardly along one end of the cylindrical ring. The main body of the ring is characterized in that: the ring is provided with at least one rib protruding from the plane of the ring. Agency: Benxi Xinke Patent Office Agent: He Jun Database Name: Invention Patent Database Reprinted from: Wanfang Data