Disinfectant bottle packaging will be more abundant

With the continuous attack of various new types of viruses and the constant increase in population flow, people are increasingly worried about the outbreak of large-scale epidemics. According to the forecast made by relevant data statistics, in 2017, the demand for the Chinese disinfectant market will reach 140,000 tons, and the sales revenue of disinfectant in 2017 will reach 900 million yuan. However, at the same time, in contrast, the disinfectant market in China has not changed much, and the type of the disinfectant is relatively single. 84 disinfectant is still the mainstream of the market. Disinfectant packaging on the market is also based on 84 disinfectant bottles. In this regard, we believe that, as the market continues to grow, coupled with the changes in the market, whether it is disinfectant or disinfectant bottle packaging must be changed. It is believed that the types of disinfectant will be enriched over the coming months, and disinfectant types for different groups of people and different purposes will appear. Under such circumstances, natural disinfectant bottle packaging will be even more abundant and diversified. Disinfectant bottle manufacturers in the improvement of disinfectant bottles should be more suitable for the aesthetics of young people nowadays, while disinfectant bottles should be more consistent with the use of a variety of complicated habits, and more convenient.