25 points to use baby stroller

1. Carry out safety inspection before using the baby cart, such as whether the nuts and screws in the car are loose, whether the recliner part is flexible and available, and whether the wheel brakes are flexible and effective. If there is a problem, it must be dealt with promptly.
2, the baby must wear a waist belt when riding a car.
3, the length of the waist belt, the size should be adjusted, tightness to put the four fingers of adults is appropriate, the best part of the adjustment site left 3 cm.
4, must not be used in the case of unlocking the seat belt, do not let the baby stand up from the car.
5, outside the basket, do not hang objects, so as not to fall and bruise the baby.
6, single baby stroller can only ride a baby.
7. Do not put your mother's body on the handlebars when using it.
8, don't let ignorant kids cart.
9, do not let the baby sit outside the cushion.
10. When there is a slope, the stroller will automatically slide and tip over, causing the baby to be injured and it is best to place the brake on it.
11. When the baby is sitting in the car, her mother must not leave at random.
12. When you have to leave or turn around, you must fix the brake and confirm that it will not move before you can leave.
13, must not be in the baby when the car, even the person brought the car together. The correct approach is to hold the baby in one hand and pick up the cart in one hand.
14. When the baby is in the car, the pulley locks on both sides must be completely locked.
15. When you open or close the stroller, do not let the baby close so that you do not inadvertently hurt the baby.
16, when used, do not push too fast, so it is easy to accident.
17. Do not lift the front wheels to use the rear wheels alone, which may cause the rear frame to bend or break.
18, seat cushions often washable, so as not to be affected by the health of the baby's health.
19. Do not push in the bunker or muddy ground, because the connection, turning parts, etc. into the sand will affect the baby stroller opening and closing.
20. When passing through a tracked intersection, be careful not to let the wheels fall into orbit.
21. Do not use it on snowy or iced roads.
22, can not put the cart in high temperature places.
23. Strictly follow the instructions to install the trolley. Do not modify or install the trolley.
24, can not use carts to carry items.
25. Be careful not to hang heavy objects on the handlebars of the cart so as not to overturn the cart and injure the baby.
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