Oscillating light incubator Laboratory common lighting equipment

The oscillating light incubator has an over-temperature and abnormal sensor protection function, and it will send out sound and light alarms to ensure the safety of the samples; the full spectrum of plants will be selected for growth. Lights are conducive to plant growth and improve disease resistance. The intelligent light culture shaker has the functions of power-off memory, automatic power-off time compensation, constant temperature control system, fast response, and high temperature control accuracy. Light culture shaker microcomputer automatic control, touch switch, easy to operate; intelligent culture shaker programmable multi-segment control mode, day and night can be individually set temperature, humidity, light intensity and time. Ventilation type ventilation, studio wind speed is gentle, temperature is even; intelligent light culture shaker hollow reflection tempered crossover glass, good thermal insulation performance, beautiful and generous. Fully enclosed opaque lamp shade, equipped with lighting, UV disinfection devices.