"Iron Man" gesture control 3D printing system to print rocket parts

"Iron Man" gesture control 3D printing system can make rocket parts

According to the British Daily Mail, billionaire Elon Musk was inspired by the sci-fi movie Iron Man to develop a gesture control 3D printing system that can print out rocket components.

In the past few weeks, Musk has released a demonstration video of the 3D printing system through Weibo, which combines customized computer software, virtual reality helmets and leading-edge technology printers.

Not long ago, Musk unveiled the idea of ​​a hyperloop high-speed rail. He currently uses gestures and jump motion controllers to assemble wireframe blueprints for SpaceX rocket components. Rock gestures can be combined by means of aerial gestures. At the same time, the rocket parts can be zoomed in and out, and a three-dimensional CAD model of engine engine parts can be presented.

Musk said: "This is a very interesting way to interact and form a complex model." The head-mounted virtual reality helmet Oculus Rift is equivalent to a stand-alone glass projection screen in the sci-fi movie "Iron Man," which controls the software.

He believes that the current human and computer systems interact in an unusual way, making it difficult to use 2D tools to make 3D objects. The demonstration video shows that rocket parts can be printed on a 3D laser metal printer and Ti particles can be printed layer by layer to form a metal layer structure.

Particles are combined with lasers, and people can print objects step by step through computer control. Musk said: "This idea can enable designers to transform their intuitive consciousness into real physical objects. We are at the forefront of rapid development in design and manufacturing."

At the beginning of last week, Musk updated the content on Weibo. We have now calculated how to design rocket components only through air gestures. At present, we need a holographic imager with a high frame rate.

He said that the invention benefited from the design process in the sci-fi movie "Iron Man," and "Iron Man" director Jon Favreau said on Twitter that the sci-fi episode we saw in this sci-fi movie. , perhaps the future will become a reality!

It is reported that Musk is the prototype character of "Iron Man" star Tony Stark (Tony Stark), but he said he did not plan to build similar steel armor. He said on Weibo that I don’t plan to build steel armor, compared to designing a gesture-controlled holographic system that is truly useful.