UVjet high-pixel ultra-wide industrial printing press

Zund Corporation's UVjet high-pixel ultra-wide format industrial presses are available in four- and six-color models for ultra-wide format printing. The machine uses an advanced piezoelectric inkjet print head, on-demand inkjet, capable of printing high-quality printed images. This industrial press is ideally suited for high-margin, sample-satisfying demand for timely delivery, and low-volume order production, with the highest price/performance ratio in the industry. The printable working width of the machine reaches 2150 mm, and the length is unlimited. Because it is equipped with a removable auxiliary support frame, it also saves space! The inkjet print head is driven by a positioning motor, achieving exceptionally accurate registration accuracy and the ability to simultaneously print multiple pieces of cardboard of different sizes. The machine is equipped with sheet-fed and reel-type feeding devices so that it can handle flat sheets or reel-type printing materials efficiently. Even uneven, even defective substrates, especially multi-layer corrugated cardboard, ensure that the machine prints high-quality results. The entire printing press is equipped with a variety of guiding systems to ensure direct and accurate printing of printing materials.

The machine uses environmentally friendly UV-curable inks. This kind of ink has not used any solvents, is non-toxic, and has no odor. Therefore, it conforms to the environmental standards of European and American governments and the Chinese government regarding the import and export of packaging materials. Compared with water-based inks on the market, the color is more vivid and the images are more vivid. What's more important is that since this kind of ink is a standard product, it can be easily purchased in most regions. Therefore, compared with some similar printers that use special water-based inks, the cost of using a UVjet-type digital press is lower. Reducing the production costs of buying a manufacturer. Other features of the ink include abrasion resistance, water resistance, and resistance to various types of radiation. Even if the printed product is exposed outdoors for a long time, the color deviation of the printed image can be minimized. The machine features a non-stop ink change function while minimizing setup time. The ink adheres firmly to the surface of the printing material and prints an average of 75 square meters of printing material per liter of ink, ensuring cost-effective packaging and printing.

Manufacturers believe that the use of such a machine can make the work fast and flexible, respond quickly to market demands, and truly achieve "equal-cost"; because there is no need for flexo in the production process, it can significantly reduce costs; Operation and maintenance are simple, no special software is required, and it conforms to almost all RIP and color management systems on the market; it requires only a single operation and can be used in connection with a digital die-cutting device.

The Swiss DKSH Group, as the sole agent of the Swiss company ZUND in China, is the only supplier that can provide complete digital solutions for the corrugated industry. The company provides China's corrugated box factory with the industry's most cost-effective UVjet four-color and six-color high-pixel ultra-wide format industrial printing presses, M-Series and XL series multi-function box-type proofing equipment, as well as supporting IMPACT carton boxes and Template design software. Ensure that the corrugated box factory enjoys "one-stop" services, not only the ability to produce high-profit orders, but also significantly reduce costs, and enjoy quality after-sales training services. At the upcoming 2005 China International Corrugated Exhibition Hall 5 Stand E28-29, the Swiss DKSH Group will present a Schindler equipped with i-cut video optical registration system to the corrugated box factory in China. ) M-1600 type box proofing equipment and printing samples of UVjet type printers.

Source: Global Corrugated Boxes

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