Ke Shimin e-STAR series carton wrapping machine

Normal > Recently, Zhaorong Group Keshimin (China) Co., Ltd. has customized e-STAR carton wrapping machine for food, condiment, beverage and other industries . The machine not only has a beautiful appearance, but also a packaging expert. , Can play a good role for users to improve the product's grade. The advantages of the e-STAR series automatic carton wrappers include:

Normal > 1,     The use of flat cardboard once formed a wrapper, the packaging effect is beautiful.

Normal > 2,     The speed of the equipment is 10-20 boxes per minute, stable operation, suitable for packaging of different specifications.

Normal > 3,     All stainless steel, rust-proof performance, beautiful appearance.

Normal > 4,     PLC control, proprietary operation interface liquid crystal display, can directly input, modify and store a variety of packaging specifications.

Normal > 5,      Adapt to a variety of bottle types, easy and quick adjustment.

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