Children's Day purchase toys need to pay attention to safety signs

Xinhuanet Harbin May 29th Special With the approach of the "1 June" International Children's Day, many parents will choose a toy as a gift for children. However, the reporter recently found in an interview in Harbin that although the state has stipulated from June 1 last year, six toy products, such as electric toys, catapult toys and plastic toys, fully implement China's compulsory product certification, but in individual shopping malls and schools. Small stores, toys without 3C safety certification are still on sale, and some consumers lack understanding of toy 3C certification. In this regard, experts remind parents to pay attention to safety signs when purchasing toys for children during the Children's Day of June 1st, so as to avoid damage to children caused by unqualified toys.

Recently, the reporter learned in some large shopping malls in Harbin that most of the expensive branded toys have 3C safety signs. In some large wholesale markets, the reporter saw that plastic Barbie dolls and bright little plush toys are mostly packaged in a transparent plastic bag. Not only do they have no 3C mark, but some have no factory address or production date. When some children's parents buy toys, they mostly pay attention to the shape and color of the toys, and rarely consider the safety of the products. "As long as the children like it, the price is cheap, it doesn't matter if there is certification." A parent casually told the reporter while picking a toy without a safety sign.

It is understood that in accordance with the requirements of 3C safety certification, toys must meet the "National Toy Safety Technical Specifications" standards, such as stuffed toys must be non-toxic and harmless, and must be strictly disinfected; plush toys eyes, nose, buttons Such as non-removable small parts, according to the provisions of the tensile force should be above 90 Newton.

For a large number of non-safety-labeled toys that are flooding the market, experts advise that parents should first look at the age of the child when buying toys. Pay attention to whether there is a safety mark before buying. The structure and appearance of the toy should be carefully checked. Whether the tip will hurt the child, zero Whether the parts are loose and the child may swallow; electric, clockwork and geared toys, whether the gap between the moving parts will pinch the fingers; riding toys such as bicycles, it is best to sit and test to determine the stability of the center of gravity.


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