Wood processing, processing and application

In addition to the direct use of logs, wood is processed into sheet metal or other products. In order to reduce the deformation and cracking of the wood during use, the square of the board is usually dried naturally or manually. Natural drying is the stacking of wood for air drying. Manual drying is mainly carried out by a dry kiln method, and a simple drying and baking method can also be used. The drying kiln is a drying chamber equipped with circulating air equipment that regulates and controls the temperature and humidity of the air. The dried wood in the drying kiln has good quality and the water content can reach below 10%. Wood that is prone to decay in use should be preservative treated in advance. Gluing can be used to synthesize sheet rubber into large components for wood structures, stakes, and the like. Wood can also be processed into plywood, shredded wood, fiberboard, and the like.
In ancient buildings, wood is widely used in temples, palaces, temple towers and residential buildings. Among the existing ancient buildings in China, the most famous one is the East Hall of Foguang Temple in Wutai Mountain, Shanxi Province, which was built in 857 AD; the wooden tower of Yingxian County, Shanxi Province, was built in 1056, with a height of 67.31 meters. In modern civil engineering, wood is mainly used for building wooden structures, wooden bridges, formwork, poles, sleepers, doors and windows, furniture, building decoration, etc.

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Cloth Stands

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