Carton forming machine classification and features

The carton forming machine category includes: carton packaging machinery, carton production line, automatic carton making machine, automatic carton machine, carton wrapping equipment, paper product packaging equipment.

The hot melt adhesive machine box molding machine has the following characteristics:

(1) Fully automatic feeder conveying section.

(2) hot melt adhesive automatic circulation, stirring, gluing system.

(3) Hot melt adhesive tape automatic conveying, slitting device, complete the four-corner paste angle operation of cardboard box.

(4) There is a vacuum suction fan under the conveyor belt to control the relative displacement of the rubberized paper.

(5) Hydrogel and cardboard inner box adopts hydraulic and pneumatic correcting device, which can accurately position and paste, and the tolerance is ±0.5mm.

(6) The carton forming section automatically collects the carton to the forming section based on the carton transport conditions above the conveyor belt.

No hot melt machine box molding machine has the following characteristics:

(1) The machine automatically moves up and down, leveled by the brush on the four sides, and the material is automatically discharged.

(2) Suction device, so that the paper box firmly sucked on the mold.

(3) Safe and convenient use, double insurance protection, automatic transmission, jog/automatic operation.

(4) Frequency control, speed control according to the level of proficiency of the user.

PP Split film Twist Rope

Product Features

This rope has a balanced construction, medium lay and moderate stretch. Very similar to the monofilament in strength, and resistance to UV rays and chemicals. The silver rope, is also called hauling rope, PP Rope, silver rope, polypropylene rope, plastic rope, packing rope, tarpaulin rope, telstra rope, it is very popular in Australia market.

PP split film twist rope offers even better hand knot-ability. However, resistance to abrasion is lower.


Product Applications

An economical price combined with wide applications makes this rope very attractive for customer. Polypropylene split film ropes successfully found their application in the marine transport, the cargo handling, the fishery, the agriculture and construction. Also use in water sport and as auxiliary rope.

pp rope

PP Splitfilm Twist Rope

telstra rope


Q: How about payment terms?

A: 30% TT deposit + 70% TT against the B/L copy within 3 days.

Q.:What about the lead time?

A: We need  3-7 days to get the samples ready, for bulk goods, it will cost 15-60days,up to the quantity.

PP Splitfilm Twist Rope

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