The Causes and Treatments of Many Blisters in Rotary Screen Making

Nickel mesh should be cleaned with a special washing mesh before use to enhance the adhesiveness with the glue.

In the process of preparing the photosensitive adhesive, the photosensitizer and the glue are mixed and stirred, which will cause the air in the glue liquid to flow and generate bubbles. If it is used immediately, it will produce blisters after the film is coated and dried on the mesh. It needs to be at rest for 8 hours. ~ 10 hours, fully defoaming before use.

Dirty spots on the manuscript were removed with cotton balls and anhydrous ethanol.

According to the viscosity index of the photosensitive adhesive provided by the manufacturer, do not arbitrarily add water to dilute, so that the thickness of the adhesive layer is maintained after the rotary screen is coated. Especially in the case of low mesh mesh (example 60 mesh), the viscosity of the emulsion is particularly important, too thin and too thick will affect the film forming properties of the glue.

According to the requirements of flower shape, grasp the correct exposure time, and check whether the UV lamp used for exposure is aging or not. When it is too long, it should be replaced promptly.

Wooden Pants And Skirt Hangers

About Styles

EISHO is committed to providing differen types of wooden hanger for pant,trouser,skirts and other bottom clothings. We have not only the types of wooden Pants Hangers designed for the close shops which required the fashion sense, but also the hangers in line with public demands. 

About Colors 

Every year, our designers will seriously study the current or next years trendy colors or trend's rule& elements, information and story inspirations home and abroad, and try to let our products, clothes hangers or storage items , keep in pace with the trend and meet with the consumer demands.  Therefore, we welcome any OEM/ODM/OBM orders. 

About Materials

All the Wooden Pants And Skirt Hangers are made from eco-friendly natural wood.  There are maple, lotus, white oak, beech, cedar, rubber wood, manchurian ash available for our customers. And these options woods are often used in the Wooden Hangers , expecially the maple and lotus. 

About Accessories 

Wooden Pants And Skirt Hangers are featured by their clips, clamps, and hooks, creating the special structure for the bottom items. As a professional hangers manufacturer, optional clips, clamps, and hooks are ready for our customers all the time. 

The strong, cleverly constructed hangers are made from the finest hardwood, featuring internal precision grooved slats to support heavy garments. These space-saving hangers are made with a double coating of lacquer to prevent splintering and a polished steel swivel hook. These clamp hangers will last you for a lifetime. Some style are with rubber and metal clips which is tightly hold items in place and keep them neat and ready for the next wear.

Pants And Skirt Hangers

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