See all things know the sky: outdoor tourism forecast weather 10 coup

1, distant mountains can be seen, sunny; near the mountain is blurred, rain. Because the air is dry and the weather is clear, the mountains can be seen clearly.

2. The sound of the train can be clearly heard and it will rain. When the weather is gloomy, the temperature difference between day and night becomes smaller, and the sound is easy to spread.

3, see the cat wash your face, it may rain. The cat washed his face with his forefoot because the humidity increased during the rain, and the flea moved on the cat.

4. The frog will not stop and it will rain. Frogs are thin and can sense changes in humidity. Therefore, if you are more intense than usual, it means that the humidity in the air is high and it will rain.

5. In the morning, see spider webs with water droplets and the sky will clear. When the weather is good, the temperature difference between day and night will increase, and when it meets the cold water vapor, it becomes a small drop.

6. When the fish jumps out of the water, it will rain. Information on the deterioration of the weather in the distance will quickly spread to the water, and the fish will jump in surprise.

7. Swallows fly low and it will rain. When the weather turned bad, insects leaned on the ground. Swallows wanted to eat insects, so they flew low.

8, facing the coast, when there is thunder in the winter, the northwest monsoon blows, it will drop heavy rain.

9. When you drill the ground, it will rain. As the weather deteriorates, the humidity increases, the ground warms, and the ground will be drilled.

10. The sun is shining on the sun, giving it a splendid glory and it will be fine. The cause of frost is the coldness of the night, the large temperature difference with the day, the high daytime temperatures, and the fine weather.

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