Knowledge angle of solid wood flooring

Pros and cons of solid wood flooring:

Solid wood flooring is the ground decoration material that is formed after the wood is dried and processed. Because the user can't distinguish the advantages and disadvantages when buying the floor, and the method is not proper in the construction, there are many quality problems such as deformation and blackening of the solid wood floor, causing unnecessary economic losses. How to choose solid wood flooring? Solid wood flooring is divided into two categories according to the depth of surface processing. One type is lacquered board, that is, the surface of the wooden floor has been painted and can be directly installed and used; the other is the plain board, that is, the surface of the wooden floor is not painted, and must be polished and painted after laying. use.

The types and price of solid wood flooring are divided into the following categories: rosewood, fragrant wood, teak, etc. The most expensive, cherry, eucalyptus, maple, etc., ash, eucalyptus and Southeast Asian wood are the cheapest. Solid wood flooring has three grades of AA, A and B. The AA grade has the highest quality and the least color difference.

When testing solid wood flooring, visually measure the quality defects such as dead knot, insect eye, oil eye, tree heart, etc., the number of joints should be less than 3, the depth and length of the crack should not be greater than 1/5 of the thickness and length, and the slope of the twill is less than 10%. No corrosion points, the graphic texture is smooth.

Solid wood flooring should be further tested for its processing quality: smooth surface processing, no warping deformation, uniform, complete, and regular processing of the mouth, no burrs, no damage, and qualified products. Among them, the moisture content of wood should be specially tested, and the floor with high water content should be deformed after installation. The moisture content of the floor in the northern area should be less than 10%, otherwise it should not be used.

When purchasing solid wood flooring, it should be determined according to your actual situation. First of all, the wood type of the selected solid wood floor should be determined according to the requirements of the design style, such as the depth and lightness of the color, the sparseness and density of the wood grain; then the price is positioned according to its own economic ability.

After determining the above requirements, you should carefully check the square rule of the wooden floor and the notch splicing standard: slide the two solid wood floor notches to check whether the sliding is smooth and whether the joint between the plates is flat. When choosing solid wood flooring, don't judge the color difference. Solid wood flooring is a natural material, even if it is a wood on a tree, its sun-facing and shady faces are also colored. Chromatic aberration is an inevitable factor of natural materials, it does not affect the quality of the floor, and does not necessarily affect the appearance.

In addition, when buying, do not use the length and width of solid wood flooring to discuss the advantages and disadvantages. The long board has high requirements for material selection and large loss, so the price is high. During the construction process, it is slightly inadvertently deformed. The small plate material has high utilization rate, low price, and is not easily deformed.

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