Basic knowledge of layout design

Whenever we develop a website or design any work, we need to work on the appearance. Behind every successful design is a successful layout structure. For further explanation, we need to understand some basic knowledge about layout structure.

Layout structure

Layout structure refers to a kind of information that allows viewers to clearly and easily understand the information conveyed by the work, an arrangement that cleverly arranges different elements on different media. The following are some basic elements for designing a good structure.

To build a good structure, you must observe carefully: learn to carefully observe the "structures" around you, such as trees, flowers, mountains, wild animals, pets, children, and so on. Look through magazines, books, flyers, etc., and try to understand how graphics are constructed.

What color scheme is used? why? What type of font is used? why? What impact did they have on the entire picture? why? "Why" is a key issue and should be more emphasized.

After much observation, you will learn what is good and what is bad. In order to enhance the effect of observations, you must form a picture of the elements and environment you want to express in your mind. This will play a supporting role in the design. In fact, this is a process that never stops.

Color sense

Many times, a good layout is destroyed by the wrong color scheme. In fact, the color scheme is a powerful weapon to sublimate a layout structure. If you use colors carefully, you may get unexpected results.

The choice of color depends on the "visual experience." For example, the color of women's related topics is usually pink, lavender, light blue, or pink. Colors related to children's related topics are usually warm yellow, sky blue, orange, red, tender green, or bright purple. The colors related to medical topics are seawater green, emerald green, dark and gray shades. Nature-related topics, or special color schemes that are contrary to social traditions, can use warm colors such as red, black, bright yellow, and so on. The color scheme should be different according to the theme.

At the beginning, you can use color-signed books on the market. They provide different color schemes for different purposes.


After the color scheme, it is the "font" that can express your thoughts perfectly and properly.

Fonts are divided into two categories: Serif and Sans-Serif. The Serif font consists of Times New Roman, Caslon, Caxton, Souvenir and other fonts. The Sans-Serif font consists of Helvetica, Zurich, Verdana, Arial et al. Serif fonts are often used as headlines and headlines, and Sans-Serif fonts are often used as text or repetitive information.

Using too many fonts in a plan can be confusing and confusing. You should only have a maximum of 3 fonts in a set of structures. One is used as a title, one is used as a button and a small mark, and the other is used as a text.

Fonts can convey a lot of information, such as using Futura Black or Compacta fonts if you want to express "heavyweight champions," because these fonts themselves appear to be "heavy." In the other case, if you want to express "feather friction," use a very light Caxton Italic font to express the feather effect.

The most important and important part of structural planning is "alignment" and "balance." You must be very clear about the weight of text, colors, and pictures, or your layout will look very unbalanced.

In some cases layouts can consist of more graphics and fewer texts. In this case, you can mix these pictures, use abstract mosaics, and fertility places can be filled with text. At the very beginning, we must decide what to highlight, whether the text or the pattern? If you decide to focus on patterns, the main part should be filled with patterns and the text will occupy a relatively small layout. If you want to highlight text, then use a large font as a title, and then fill in the appropriate auxiliary patterns to complete your design and make it look balanced. (text/name)

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