Founder Feihong Book Typesetting System

The booklet is what we usually call the Yellow Pages. It originated in North America. It was originally named after printing on yellow pages. It has been more than 100 years old. In 1880, the world’s first Yellow Pages phone book was published in the United States. The book is a kind of reference book for disseminating information of industrial and commercial enterprises, and it is also a kind of special advertising media that mainly publishes classified ads. It is direct, extensive, highly efficient, and flexible. After more than a century of development, it has now become the fourth largest information communication media following TV, radio, and newspapers. It has been recognized by developed countries as an indispensable encyclopedia in life.

A key technology in book publishing is the typesetting software. It is responsible for a large number of text and image advertisements in accordance with industry standards for text and images, automatic layout definition, generate a variety of directories, indexes, headers, footers, fillers, etc. , and the "WYSIWYG" editing, the data will be directly reflected on the page, digital proofing of the layout results and CTP printing.

The domestic number book is published by the book company under the telecommunications bureau. Due to the special nature of the typography, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications has specially proposed the typography as a topic. As a senior solution provider, software provider and hardware provider in the printing and publishing industry, Peking University Founder actively participates in the project and recruits elite teams to set up task forces to tackle specific issues. In the first spring of the new century, our efforts have paid off. Another new member of the Founder family - the Phenom Book Publishing System was born.

As a software developed specifically for typography, Founder Feihong has many distinctive features:

1. Support multiple typesets at the same time; support network operation, that is, multi-machine use, and typesetting a book at the same time.

2. Using unique segmentation technology, the maximum number of pages that can be typeset at the same time is not limited, even if the numbering page is more than ten thousand pages.

3, high speed, high efficiency is another major feature of the system. When text and graphics are mixed, the typesetting page takes less than 1 second.

4, unique picture features. Automatically recognize the size of the picture and drag it around the picture. If you have special needs, you can also modify the picture size through the pop-up dialog box. The class name, account name, and special service are treated as pictures, but the generated directory is not affected.

5, powerful typesetting function. Can be arbitrarily defined layout, column and side empty; support multi-column typesetting, each page can be arranged up to 7 columns; can be customized in parallel, such as adjusting the first-level account with their phone counterparts; can force the change bar, page change; lock Lined up layout; use the auto-full function within single page and full range to align the lower edge.

6, the degree of intelligence is extremely high. Automatically submit the separation result of the page; ensure that there is at least one phone under the first-level account name; locate the user's location according to the advertisement; a unique filler function, automatically create a file name, and print a filler report.

7, flexible to adapt to all types of paper printing. You can flexibly adjust whether or not to print yellow in the system settings according to the condition of the paper.

8, powerful classification statistics. For example, statistics on the number of telephone calls and the number of advertisements.

9, support for direct plate.

The installed capacity of telephones in China has surpassed 100 million, and it has formed a state of rapid growth. Telephone number inquiries have become an indispensable part of more and more people's daily office and interpersonal communication. In order to meet the efficiency requirements of the book publication, Fang Zhengfei provides a new generation of book printing solutions - direct plate printing, so that the publication of books into a new high-speed, high-quality digital era.

The full realization of standardization and openness is another feature of the Phenomenon typesetting system.

Phenom's book publishing system supports a variety of domestic and international standards and is an open typesetting software for Chinese. It does not depend on any system and can output directly. Its output is the Postscript Level II standard. That is, Phenom's layout can be output to various output devices through Founder or other manufacturers' Postscript interpreters.

The Phenomenon book layout system uses an open font management technology that can use standard TrueType words as display fonts. The user can not only use all the fonts provided by Founder, but also can choose to use other company fonts.

Phenom's book layout system supports GBK, GB2312 and other coding standards.

In addition, in order to meet the different needs of different users for the numbering system, we have divided the numbering book into several series and provided different functions and corresponding price points for different users. After every user pays a certain fee, every function purchased has its place.

After understanding the product features, we briefly introduce the work flow of Zhengfeihong.

In summary, there are several major steps:

An interface program exports directory data (including user information, advertisements, and special services) in the order of publication, and generates text in a specific format.
2 Create a directory project file: Determine the layout, column, layout, typesetting format, font, etc.; create data segmentation.
3 According to your needs, you can typeset the data of the booklet in this section, paragraph, and page.
4 optimized layout. Make padding, alignment, and other operations, and try to make the layout look good. Modify only the layout as needed, or modify the database and rearrange it.
5 According to the needs, at any time, the establishment of page numbers, headers, eyebrow advertising, margin advertising 6 according to the definition of the project file. The layout results are grouped into one or more PS files.

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