Modified melamine formaldehyde resin anti-water agent come out

Wujin City, Jiangsu Province, Yunbo Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of paper additives, the latest introduced modified melamine formaldehyde resin water repellent, with high solid content, good water solubility, long stable period, excellent water resistance, and its technical indicators Has reached the leading level of domestic similar products. The water repellent can be widely used in the production of coated paper, white paperboard, corrugated paperboard, Offset Paper and fruit bag paper, can improve the surface strength and wet friction resistance of the paper, and prevent the paper from falling off during printing and transportation. powder. Among them, fruit bag paper production can have a significant increase in wet strength and have a certain inhibitory effect on pathogens and insect pests of fruits. The fruit bag paper produced from modified melamine formaldehyde resin has a higher effect on the quality of fruit products. Better economic efficiency.

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