Cree Launches NIMCO Roof Carton Packaging Machine

Kerui Co., Ltd. NIMCO roof type carton packing machine and Corey tube / plate ultra-high temperature sterilization machine for carton forming, filling, sealing equipment, suitable for liquid food filling, can also be filled with high viscosity, granules Solid items. This sterilizer is for laboratory use, 200 liters per hour; for production, 45,000 litres per hour.

1. 3D Shaped Tool Eraser In our daily life,we need to use many kinds of tools,and we certainly have different tool shaped eraser,like 3D teapot shaped eraser, 3D hammer shaped eraser, 3D saw shaped eraser, 3D camera shaped eraser, 3D pressure cooker shaped eraser and some other 3D shaped eraser,they are very popular with children,do you like it?

2. Mould Analytical diagram
A detailed diagram of the disassembled, easy to your understanding our 3D Shaped Erasers

3. Eraser color
Our 3D Tools shaped eraser is made for children , so we have many bright colors,for example,about 3D pressure shaped eraser,we have two colors ,one blue and yellow,another is yellow and green, 3D Camera shaped eraser have blue and pink, one eraser can have different colors,we can do any color just you like.

Tool Shaped Eraser

Tool Eraser, Puzzle Eraser, Funny Eraser

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