A high-strength green bag paper

Dongying Hualin Paper Co., Ltd. of Shandong Province has adopted the new technology first created at home and abroad for high-strength green buried yarn bags developed by Mr. Song Daxing of the Daxing Special Paper Research Institute of Tianjin. After one and a half years of hard work, it finally achieved Industrial production.

This new type of bag paper is very different from the ordinary reinforced paper in the production process. The reinforced paper is used to glue the wire mesh between the two lines in the production process, due to uneven coating or glue. Quality problems are prone to degumming, which seriously affects the firmness of paper. High-strength green buried yarn bags are produced in one side of the production process, while weaving nets, paper, and wire mesh into one, never producing wire mesh and paper. Degumming ensures the firmness of the paper when used.

This kind of paper is called "green" product because its raw materials are all waste paper and bottom board, especially in the process of buried yarn without any chemical additives, the waste water does not contain any toxic components, and the paper passes through After a high temperature of 95°C, the yarn in the paper can be automatically dissolved in the pulp so that the paper can be recycled. The product has been tested by the National Quality Inspection Center and its quality exceeds the national standard.

At present, the company has decided to reinvest 100 million yuan to purchase 6 more paper machines, with an annual output of 100,000 tons, and 1 billion bags. And plans to use 3-5 years to make the Division become a new type of packaging materials production base in China.

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