Fuzzy frequency-equalizing ultrasonic generator

Shenzhen Shitou Ultrasonic Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd., specializing in the development and manufacture of ultrasonic generators, has recently successfully developed the GF-1 series of frequency-stabilized ultrasonic generators and put them into mass production.

It is understood that ultrasonic generating devices (including generators and transducers) during continuous use for a long time, some electronic components heat resulting in changes in component parameters, and then the occurrence of the rated operating frequency drift occurs, "overload" bright red The lamp phenomenon eventually causes the components in the generator (including the power amplifier tube and the transducer) to burn and cannot work. The biggest feature of the new GF-1 series of fuzzy frequency-equalized ultrasonic generators is that they can automatically correct the frequency that has already drifted and allow the ultrasonic generator to work normally, thereby avoiding damage to the components.

This product is widely used in the field of plastic packaging and bag making. In the past, bag manufacturers using OPP film bag making process, if the use of high-frequency heat sealing or electric heat sealing, will make the film on both sides of the sealing line wrinkles, resulting in uneven sealing surface, heat fastness is not enough and poor appearance The phenomenon, and the use of ultrasonic hobbing line production, can not only overcome the weaknesses of the traditional processing, but also make the plastic bag products beautiful, solid, and fully sealed, thus extending the storage time of the contents of the package.

The product is small in size, easy to install on a bag making machine or a folding frame manufactured by different manufacturers, and the production speed (ie hobbing speed) is faster than that of the old generator, and the power output setting is divided into two levels, weak and strong, according to the thin film. Different grades are used for the thickness, and it is also adaptable to the PP film and other film bags, fully satisfying the needs of users.

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