Japan will build recycled concrete into scrap filler

Japan's Shimizu Construction Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Electric Power Co., Ltd. in July 2003 developed waste concrete generated in the dismantling of buildings such as scrapped buildings, which were processed by crushing, heating, and friction and were recycled into high-quality filler technology. Change. This recycled concrete filler has the same function as the natural filler in quality, and can be used for building concrete structures.
According to reports, this new technology can crush the waste concrete into a granular shape with a diameter of about 40 mm, and use a temperature of 300° C. to heat, so that the cement components mixed with each other, the friction, the filler, and the filler are completely separated into powders. If the separation of the cement powder is incomplete, it is easy to absorb water and affect the strong waste of the concrete and cannot be used as a structural body. With the new technology adopted by the company, the cement powder can be completely separated and the quality has passed the JIS standard.
In addition, during the crushing of waste concrete, the resulting cement components can be used as ground-improved materials. In this way, waste concrete can be recycled 100%.

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